Ducati XDiavel.

With more pomp than Apple launching another product that’s an answer to a question nobody had ever asked, Ducati have given mankind a new motorcycle.

The Ex Dave Hall was launched with a full on wanky, sorry swanky backdrop, I must fix the S button on my iPhone.

Henry Ford, he would turn in his urn knowing that the suits from Audi have reworked his any colour you like approach to paint jobs.

The Ex Dave Hall is billed to be a cruiser, with a gigantic engine and over 150BHP it’s kind of missing the whole point of being a cruising sickle.

The seat was ‘designed’ by Roland Sands, I haven’t stopped giggling about that factoid since I read it on my Twitter feed, the worlds motorcycle media all been busy today with the #exdavehall.

I have no idea why Roland didn’t redesign the wheel why he was at it?

I can at least sleep tonight knowing Ducati now at last build a bike that runs a constant daytime headlight, proof that unlike Apple not every Ducaudi idea is a dim one.

The bike looks confused, and I feel confused. No doubt the Ducati dealers will sell out in record time and whole world of aftermarket tat will be being created in China from the very same photos I just raped from the internet. So I guess it’s all happy days?