Hello Kitty. >’’<

I’d like you to meet Bill, one of three cats that live on the ranch. Being the eldest of the feline trio means he’s obviously the top cat.

With over thirteen acres to patrol he’s mostly found doing this.

Out of every 24 hours he’ll spend around 23 and a half of them contemplating what to do next.

Even when he is awake, it’s a struggle to keep his eyes open, his second favourite thing is eating.

He’s a purrfect puddy though.

During the summer months he moves himself outside to grab his zzzzz’s.

He’s not impressed when the ranch hounds steal his favourite part of the sofa.

Bill is an excellent heat theif though, a springer spaniel is steady source of warmth.

Now in the twilight of his nine lives I would like to think Bill might start to take life a bit easier.