Homes not banks the makeshift placard says, the two homeless people sit quietly and add their presence to this protest that broke out on christmas eve 2014 in central London.

Ironically I was passing through the city on my way from Surrey to volunteer at a christmas homeless shelter in Dagenham.

The demonstration involved protesters occupying an old and empty building that was once a bank, the chances of prime real estate on Charing Cross Road being given over long term to a hostel or more permanent dwellings is unlikely to happen, rightly or wrongly. I chatted to the couple and took a few photographs that I tweeted on Twitter complete with the #Occupy, it was Occupy that had masterminded the occupation according to those who were taking part.

Public opinion on the pavement was mixed, there was sympathy from some passers by who were heading home for the festive break, but equally there was a fair amount people who weren’t that interested in the plight of those who frequent the door ways of the West End of London overnight.

With temperatures dipping down to below zero tonight, spare a thought for those who have nowhere to call home.

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