Kawasaki ZZR1100C.

Once upon a time this was the fastest production bike in the world with a top speed of around 170mph, the ZZR Elev also had another reputation that Kawasaki shouted much less about.

The ZZR might have chucked out around 125BHP through it’s gearbox but the gear bag was being over stretched, quite soon after its launch in 1990 reports of gearbox failures started to circulate, the damage of an exploding box of cogs is pretty horrific, wrecked crankcases often meant an entire engine would need replacing.

This ZZR survived almost for 25 years intact, it still wears its original exhaust system, even more amazing when you remember how nasty the Kawasaki build ‘quality’ of the last century was.

A Ford Focus did its best to stop Mr ZZR in his tracks, with a 40mph impact the Kawasaki was always going to come off worse for wear.

The forks took the brunt of the impact, not even the recently fitted new fork seals could stop the kinetic energy of a Ford in the way.

The death of one motorcycle means others will get to live, I broke up the SWB Kwacker and immediately sold the engine to a chap who had just lost his 2nd gear through the upper crankcase…..

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