The Sweetest Flower of Them All

How do you write something interesting when you have nothing to say? When you have a sensational story, you just need to state the facts, and the story carries the writing. But If as I, you live in a bland uneventful, boring, corner of the universe, how do you put that into words that people will enjoy?

Drink it in.

My friends and colleagues are always making interesting little remarks. Its like pollen to a bee, harvest it. Listen to what they say. Remember your note pad and write it down. Ask them questions, encourage them to go on.

Even he smallest places have interesting people. Try the old bar, or the bowling alley or the coffee house. Find the crazy uncle at the family reunion or the jolly baker or the communists on the park bench, they all have wisdom.

I thought good writing was about clear thinking. But a big part of writing is about being a good listener because, you will never be as interesting as the group of people you surround yourself with. Develop an ear for the interesting and you will never be short of things to write about. Your friends are like flowers and you are the bee. The bee is not the sweets flower of them all, but he has the most honey.

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