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I’ve tried writing hundreds of letters trying to explain my findings surrounding this subject, but no one seems to be interested, as if thinking its someone else’s problem. The rapid decline of the Arctic and Antarctic is mostly due to mankind’s massive direct aquatic thermal contribution, and not the increased atmospheric carbon levels alone, as some have recklessly assumed. The problem is an increase in the deep water temperatures that are driven into the Arctic by way of the natural tidal flows. The thermal contamination in the northern hemisphere has been accumulating for over a century, and has now spilled over into the Arctic region. The thermal and cold bubbles that scientists have named the El Nino and La Nina are actually the result of man’s thermal contribution mixing that of nature and it’s confrontation with the deep cold of the Arctic and Antarctic by way of the Tidal flows. Over the past five decades the thermal potential has been steadily increasing, while the cooling potential has been decreasing. The warming has very little to do with the reflective nature of the snow pack, and a lot to do with the altered or neutralized downwards conduction value in the oceans. This once dominant aquatic conduction value is what stabilized and protected the ancient snow packs and deep water ice. With it in tack the ice and snow packs are twelve times more stable than when it is neutralized. Another words ice instantly melts twelve times faster without changing the surface water or atmospheric temperatures by a single degree, when deep water thermal contamination neutralizes this fragile conduction value.