Is Establishing Culture a Top Priority For You?

Scott Schimmel
Sep 12 · 2 min read

Did you know?

Your staff and student culture determine your results and outcomes.

You might want to read that again.

Your culture determines the results you’re getting. In other words, your culture is everything. It determines the level of expectations your staff have for student achievement. Your culture determines whether or not students feel connected and cared for. It shapes how your students and your staff feel about coming to school every day. It influences what people in the community say about you, and what college admissions counselors and future employers think about your students.

How do I understand the culture of my school?

Your school already has a culture.
It’s the way things go around here.
It’s the way things feel around here.
It’s the way we do things around here.
It’s the unwritten rules for attitude and behavior.
It’s made up of positive and negative aspects.
Your school culture isn’t your Friday night football student section or college acceptance rate or social media feed- but they say important things about your culture.
Your school culture permeates everything.
It’s something you can observe, but it’s also abstract and fluid.
You can’t move the needle until you understand it.
You can’t ignore it.
Or disregard it.
You are inside the culture, and you’re influenced by it- in ways you see and ways you don’t see.

Most importantly, your school culture can be changed.

Yes, you CAN change your school culture. No one can control every facet of it but with creating shared vision and values, combined with focused leadership and concerted teamwork you can exercise a great deal of control over the culture.

The first part, however, is understanding what your school culture is and whether or not it’s a top priority of your leadership and responsibility. You need to decide to what degree a strong, clearly defined culture can become your greatest asset.

What three examples can you point to from the past seven days that highlight the strongest or best aspects of your school culture?

Scott Schimmel

Written by

Scott Schimmel is the Chief Guide for the YouSchool, a company committed to helping students, athletes, and veterans write great stories with their lives.

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