Promo Products Tips #4 — Understand the Where

My recent promotional product buying tips have dealt with identifying the Who, What and Why for your brand and your message. With this post, I’m going to talk about the Where.

‘Where’ is vital — specifically where a prospect or existing customer is located when they make a buying decision. As a marketer, you ideally want your brand in front of that person when they decide to purchase your product or service.

When someone makes the decision to use your product, you of course want them thinking about your company or product. If you’re marketing a restaurant, the trick naturally is to reach people when they’re hungry. Where are they likely to be when hungry? You don’t exactly need to be a rocket scientist to realize that the kitchen is certainly a good bet. And on the refrigerator may be an even better bet. This of course is why magnets are so popular with pizza shops or restaurants offering takeout.

Do you sell real estate? There’s a decent chance that the decision to move and put the house on the market gets made at a family meal — a fact realized by many, many real estate agents who hand out those same refrigerator magnets with their smiling face and contact info on them.

Jiffy Lube or any garage doing oil changes knows the decision to get the oil taken care of usually comes when you’re driving the car — hence those windshield decals showing what your mileage will read when it’s time for that next change..

And if you sell business to business, the odds of the call to use your product/service happening at your prospect’s desk are pretty solid. That’s why I think of the desk as prime ‘marketing real estate’.

Are you stuck for a promo product idea? Look at your client base, decide when they’re most likely to make the decision to buy what you sell, and then determine which promo products would work in those locale’s. This will get you focused on a series of product options and you can further narrow the search once you factor in the budget, what your brand is all about etc.

That’s ‘where’ it’s at!