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Twelve Reasons to Vote for Andrew Yang

In the Democratic Primary

Scott Greg
Dec 30, 2019 · 10 min read
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Andrew Yang, presidential candidate

1. He is the candidate most likely to beat Donald Trump

2. Innovative Health Care Plan

3. Five-pronged climate change plan

4. The leader in fighting corporate influence in politics

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5. Yang is laser-focused on solving the problems of the working class

6. More complete set of policies than any other candidate

7. Yang’s Universal Basic Income would instantly end poverty

8. A Candidate that best understands the true problems of the 21st century

9. Yang realizes we can’t chase the almighty dollar forever

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Andrew Yang’s “American Scorecard”

10. Yang is focused on making the country better for your kids

11. Yang is focused on Women’s issues

12. Has a solid plan how to tax the corporations paying zero in taxes

How to learn more about Andrew Yang

Learn more by watching one of these videos:

This article can also be reached by visiting

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Yang at the CNN presidential candidate debate

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