Twelve Reasons to Vote for Andrew Yang

In the Democratic Primary

Scott Greg
Dec 30, 2019 · 10 min read
Andrew Yang, presidential candidate

Andrew Yang, a Democratic candidate for President, is making waves as the first candidate to formulate his policies based on data and research, instead of ideology.

He is a decent family man and a patriot, not a politician — who wants a better future for his kids.

Yang believes in “human-centered capitalism”. He cannot be easily classified into a traditional category such as liberal, libertarian, conservative, or leftist. In fact, his two slogans are “Not left, not right but forward” and “Humanity first”.

But should you vote for him in the Democratic primaries? Here are 12 reasons why you should:

1. He is the candidate most likely to beat Donald Trump

Study was done using data from Economist polling data

In this analysis of weekly polling data from the highly regarded Economist / Yougov polls, an independent data scientist calculated which candidate would most likely beat Trump. Yang is at the top of the list because of his strength with both former Trump voters (12%) and disaffected voters (53%), both higher than any other Democratic candidate.

Here is the article with the polling data.

Data showing Yang being the only candidate beating Trump with independents (from Jan 1st, 2020)

This matches up with anecdotal evidence that I’ve seen. When I ask Republicans if there are any Democrats they would vote for, the most common answer I hear is Andrew Yang. Yes, many Republicans won’t vote for a Democrat, but the ones that would vote for Yang give reasons ranging from Yang caring about the working class and not playing identity politics to not bashing Trump voters. Well known conservatives Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro are fans of Andrew Yang.

2. Innovative Health Care Plan

Universal Basic Health Care lowers costs for everyone, keeps private insurance

Some aspects of the plan are modeled after the Taiwan health care system, which is rated the number one health care system in the world. Co-pays are low, premiums are income based and are free for the poorest in the country. There is a strong emphasis on reducing drug prices. This plan is offered to everyone, but people can supplement the plans privately. Yang is also the only candidate that has explained in detail how he would lower costs — for example, by using international reference pricing for drugs.

3. Five-pronged climate change plan

Yang has also made it a top priority to influence other countries like China and India do their fair share, as the USA is only 15% of global emissions and cannot slow climate change on its own. Since China is actively exporting coal-based power solutions to foreign countries, Yang will have the USA take the lead in offering environmentally friendly alternatives at better prices.

4. The leader in fighting corporate influence in politics


The reason for his A+ rating is his flagship policy, Democracy dollars, which gives every US citizen $100 annually to donate to the political campaigns of their choice. This would total a figure 20 times greater than the amount of money being injected by corporate interests. It would effectively wash out corporate and lobbyist money in politics without having to do the nearly impossible task of overturning Citizens United supreme court case. This policy is considered groundbreaking, and many other Democratic candidates are adopting some form of it.

Yang and many others firmly believe that without solving the problem of corporate and lobbyist influence, passing laws that benefit the entire country will be exceedingly difficult, hence this will be one of his top priorities.

5. Yang is laser-focused on solving the problems of the working class

He wrote a book on it

To summarize, Yang uses data to demonstrate it wasn’t immigrants, or just trade policy, but artificial intelligence, software, robotics and automation that displaced ten million manufacturing jobs in the midwest. Yang shows there is a direct correlation between these job losses and the states voting for Trump. Yang shows us how some worker retraining programs are misguided as they have high failure rates — not everyone can or should become a coder. Instead, we need a new social contract. We need to take steps to prepare ourselves for a new type of economy that is rapidly forming, one with very few jobs for “normal” people.

6. More complete set of policies than any other candidate

Policies like owning your own data and ending predatory loaning

Data as a property right is an example of an innovative policies that the general public is rallying around. Our most personal data is being collected, sold and abused; Yang is committed to putting a stop to this.

7. Yang’s Universal Basic Income would instantly end poverty

Yang points to studies that show people would not stop working with UBI. And it takes the boot off people’s throats.

Yang’s UBI plan is endorsed by top economists, and paid for by a tax on the winners of the 21st-century economy, like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

In Alaska, residents get an oil dividend check every year because the Oil industry does so well. Yang’s UBI, which he calls the Freedom Dividend, is basically a tech check for being a shareholder in the richest economy on the planet.

Yang concluded that UBI was essential in this country, because of the rapid devaluation of the labor market. Yang mentions 4 main reasons we need UBI — the rapid rise of software, technology, artificial intelligence replacing jobs which is due to accelerate in the next 5 years, the change to a winner-take-all economy, the fact that 90% of new jobs are low-paying gig or contract jobs, and a study that shows 85% of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck at some point in the year.

Yang often points voters to numerous studies on UBI that shows that people on UBI continue to work at the same rate, except for two groups: women who stay at home to take care of their kids, and teenagers who stayed in school longer. It would also grow the economy by 12%.

Critics wonder if UBI would just push up prices all around, but economists generally agree that would not happen because of price competition, except possibly to some degree in the housing market. Yang has pledged that any passage of UBI would include policies to deal with rising housing prices.

Watch this interview to learn more about Yang and UBI.

8. A Candidate that best understands the true problems of the 21st century

Yang has the best background and experience to fully understand these threats, and having solid plans to deal with them has been a centerpiece of his campaign. Yang ran a health-care technology startup for 5 years, was the CEO of a test preparation company for 6 years, and ran a non-profit called Venture for America for 9 years that created jobs and create fellowship programs for college graduates throughout the midwest.

Yang is not just planning for the present, but for the future of our country.

9. Yang realizes we can’t chase the almighty dollar forever

American scorecard and Human Center Capitalism is where he believes must go as a society

Our country and corporations have focused on maximizing GDP at the expense of our physical and mental health, childhood success rates our life expectancy (which has actually been decreasing), our happiness, and our environment. Yang has detailed plans on how to address this, including a new American Scorecard, and has promised to give a powerpoint presentation every year to show how much progress we are making towards our new metrics. The American Scorecard will ensure the country focuses not just on economic output.

Yang will lead our country to focus on not just GDP, but these metrics:

Andrew Yang’s “American Scorecard”

Yang’s vision is called Human-Centered Capitalism, which means we use capitalism to benefit ourselves — humans, and not just corporate entities and their shareholders. It means that we must value humans over money. It is a fundamental shift in how we think about our country and our purpose, one that will significantly improve the future for ourselves and our children.

10. Yang is focused on making the country better for your kids

Yang’s solution includes the following:

  • Focus on the root causes for the rapid increases in the price of education, housing and health care — ballooning administrative costs at universities, NIMBYism gone too far, and backward incentives and an artificial shortage of doctors in health care.
  • Make health care affordable and take it off the backs of small businesses
  • Research cutting edge technology to attempt to roll back the effects of climate change
  • Focus on improving the mental health of kids by improving home life, reducing social media addiction, and eliminating harmful active shooter drills which Yang believes do more harm than good

11. Yang is focused on Women’s issues

His policies for women’s issues include putting more women in leadership positions, women’s right to choose, paid family leave, working conditions during pregnancy, equal pay and assistance for single parents.

12. Has a solid plan how to tax the corporations paying zero in taxes

In this new data-driven winner-take all economy, Yang realized that our citizens cannot benefit if companies don’t pay their fair share.

Here’s a newsweek article on how Yang will give Americans a slice of the 21st century economy in a trickle up fashion.

How to learn more about Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang official policy page

Meet Andrew

Learn more by watching one of these videos:

Interview with Iowa Press (26 minutes, highly recommended)

NPR Interview with undecided voters (58 minutes)

Yang describes his climate change policy (59 minutes)

Andrew Yang Rising (4 minutes long — a nice way to see what people are saying about Yang)

This article can also be reached by visiting

Yang at the CNN presidential candidate debate

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