Twelve Reasons to Vote for Andrew Yang

In the Democratic Primary

Andrew Yang, presidential candidate

1. He is the candidate most likely to beat Donald Trump

Study was done using data from Economist polling data

2. Innovative Health Care Plan

Universal Basic Health Care lowers costs for everyone, keeps private insurance

3. Five-pronged climate change plan

4. The leader in fighting corporate influence in politics


5. Yang is laser-focused on solving the problems of the working class

He wrote a book on it

6. More complete set of policies than any other candidate

Policies like owning your own data and ending predatory loaning

7. Yang’s Universal Basic Income would instantly end poverty

Yang points to studies that show people would not stop working with UBI. And it takes the boot off people’s throats.

8. A Candidate that best understands the true problems of the 21st century

9. Yang realizes we can’t chase the almighty dollar forever

American scorecard and Human Center Capitalism is where he believes must go as a society

Andrew Yang’s “American Scorecard”

10. Yang is focused on making the country better for your kids

11. Yang is focused on Women’s issues

12. Has a solid plan how to tax the corporations paying zero in taxes

How to learn more about Andrew Yang

Learn more by watching one of these videos:

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Yang at the CNN presidential candidate debate

Parent and patriot living in California. Wanting to leave a better world for our kids.