The Dworkin Report Podcast: Investigating Trump & The GOP

It feels like it’s been a lifetime since Trump descended down that gaudy faux-gilded escalator to announce his candidacy for the highest office in the US— & to call Mexicans rapists. Since then, my team and I have been working to expose this man for the fraud he is, and we’ve had major success. Now, we need your help to dig deeper and find new angles. Help fund our podcast so we can remain an independent voice for The Resistance & push back even harder against Trump here:

For nearly two years, Scott Dworkin and the team at the Democratic Coalition have worked to lead the Resistance, providing key information and analysis that’s stood in the way of Donald Trump and his destructive agenda at every step. From exposing links between Trump and Russia to diving deep into campaign finance reports to find connections no one’s noticed, we’ve led the charge to expose Trump and his comrades for the con artists they really are.

To begin Scott will be hosting the podcast twice a week with episodes lasting 20–30 minutes. Each discussion will feature an insightful guest, most likely a celebrity, elected official or an activist. We’ll go over key topics including Trump-Russia connections, reactions to the latest political events, Democratic elections to keep an eye on in 2018, and the state of The Resistance. You will also hear more about the inner workings of how we investigate & we will keep you informed on the progress of each investigation into Trump, his cronies and the Republican Party in real time.

The money will be spent on equipment for the podcast (microphones, a dedicated computer for the podcast, a mixer, audio processor) & soundproofing the new studio. We also will hire a research assistant & a production assistant to help with the recordings.

Stretch Goal #1: If we make it to $100,000 we are then able to hire 3 research assistants to help support the show

Stretch Goal #2: If we make it to $200,000 we are then able to hire 6 research assistants to support the show.

Contributing to this campaign will help us put together all of the items we needs to host a fully equipped podcast-studio where we can provide monthly, weekly, and daily content for listeners. A contribution ensures state-of-the-art production value along with the resources necessary to continue conducting the important research that informs thoughtful, impactful discussions. With your help, we’ll provide analysis of the latest political events, detail our research into the Trump Administration and Members of Congress, and let everyone in on the Washington insider’s info network.

Episode 1: Joy Reid is the host of AMJoy on MSNBC, author of Fracture: Barack Obama, the Clintons, and the Racial Divide​, & is a political columnist at The Daily Beast.

Episode 2: Michael Rapaport is an American actor, podcast host, writer, director, comedian, and media personality. He’s appeared in over sixty films since the early 1990’s; Scott’s favorites being Higher Learning & Cop Land.

Episode 3: Alyssa Milano is an actress, activist, producer & singer. She’s starred in Who’s The Boss, Melrose Place, Charmed, My Name is Earl & most recently Wet Hot American Summer: 10 years later.

Episode 4: Announced week 1 of crowdfund campaign
Episode 5: Announced week 2 of crowdfund campaign
Episode 6: Announced week 2 of crowdfund campaign
Episode 7: Announced week 3 of crowdfund campaign
Episode 8: Announced week 3 of crowdfund campaign

Thank you for taking the time to consider donating to our podcast. With your contribution, it allows us to keep pushing back against Trump, his administration & the Republican Party. With your support, we will make The Dworkin Report Podcast a reality. We’d love it if you would make a contribution & share our crowdfund link with your networks. Thanks again!

Here’s more info on The Democratic Coalition:

What a year 2017 was for the The Dem Coalition’s Facebook page. We grew to almost 300K fans, served nearly a billion impressions, and drove nearly 30 million engagements and more than 15 million link clicks last year. The page is now one of the top progressive pages in terms of total interactions and interaction rate. Here is a quick look at the numbers:

Impressions — 900,610,195 
Average Daily Users Reached — 804,463
Engagements — 28,927,179
Clicks — 15,549,121
New Fans — 109,568
Video Views — 24.9 million

However, the Twitter numbers may be even more impressive when you include our entire team. For starters, the @DemCoalition Twitter accountserved more than 62 million impressions in 2017 and drove 3.2 million engagements and nearly 600K link clicks while growing to more than 126K followers.

But then look at the numbers behind co-founder Scott Dworkin — his @Funder account achieved an astonishing 54 million interactions in 2017 and grew to more than 277K followers. Scott was joined by Coalition Chairman Jon Cooper’s @JonCooperTweets 95K-follower account which drove 6.2 million interactions, Executive Director @NateLerner’s account which has 22K followers and garnered 1.47 million interactions, and Finance Director @DemitriDawson who has 12K followers and drove 433K interactions.

All of the The Dem Coalition’s properties were dedicated to driving actions to Congress in 2017. In fact, more than 70K unique individuals sent more than 300,000 letters to Congress on a wide variety of issues last year — including nearly 50,000 letters in support of impeaching Donald Trump.

And the best part is that we are just getting started — 2018 will be an even bigger year for The Dem Coalition. You can support our efforts to take back Congress here.