The Democratic Coalition 2017 Annual Report: The State Of #TheResistance

This past year presented all of us in The Resistance with countless challenges and obstacles. Most of them were presented to us from the White House and the Republican Party. And over the past twelve months we’ve seen a president obstruct justice, Republicans try and take our health care, a tax reform scam written by lobbyists, a rampant abuse of power, corruption like we’ve never seen before and a complete collapse in what it means to be the President. And the tweeting. Don’t get me started.

We’ve investigated Donald Trump, his campaign, his administration, his White House, his family, his business and led the way in exposing his extensive business ties to Russia. We made calls, knocked doors, raised money, trended more hashtags than any other organization in the country, filed legal complaints and reports on Trump and his cronies dozens of times for various crimes, made the Boycott Trump app, sent nearly 200,000 letters to Congress and spoke out against Trump & Co. in every way, every single day.

The Democratic Coalition’s made a lot of progress, and along with other groups in The Resistance, we’ve helped prevent this administration and the Republicans in Congress from setting our country back decades.

Everything we did, we did together. And for everything you’ve contributed to the Democratic Coalition in this fight for our American democracy, we sincerely thank you.

Below is our annual report, a summary of what we accomplished in 2017. Thanks for taking the time to read what we’re all about.

Keep resisting,

Scott Dworkin

I. Campaigns: Here are some of the major campaigns we launched in 2017

A. Boycott Trump APP: we made and distributed the Boycott Trump App. Downloads: 325,000 Google Store: (Link) iOs: (Link)

B. Letters to Congress: We have helped more than 74,000 unique individuals send more than 300,000 letters to Congress and the White House. You can view the current live pages here. Two large pages that are no longer live are the Betsy DeVos action page, which had 11,000+ action takers, and the Demand A Special Prosecutor action page, which had 14,000+ action takers.

C. Alabama Senate Special Election: We called more than 40,000 voters through both in-person phone banks and our Virtual Phone bank — including 18,000 calls on election day. We sent a team of passionate, young organizers to Birmingham and Montgomery who knocked on hundreds of doors. We put up bold and powerful billboards. (Link) We established Students for Doug Jones organizations on six Alabama college campuses. We published Doug Jones digital ads that garnered 2.58 million impressions and reached more than 400,000 voters in Alabama. We got #VoteDougJones, and#NoMoore to trend several times during the course of the campaign.

D. Georgia 6th Special Congressional Election: We posted dozens of national organic Facebook posts driving DCAT fans to Jon Ossoff’s and our website. Here is the social reach on those posts. We also paid for Facebook ads to drive turnout within GA06 and nationwide for our virtual phone bank. Our volunteers made thousands of calls and we got #VoteOssoff and #VoteYourOssoff trending.

E. Montana Special Congressional Election: We made dozens of national organic Facebook posts driving DCAT fans to Rob Quist’s website. See the reach on these posts here. We also used paid Facebook ads to drive turnout within Montana and nationwide for our virtual phone bank. Volunteers made thousands of calls for Quist. On Twitter, we talked about the Quist race non-stop via the Democratic Coalition’s Twitter account and Dworkin’s account. See here, here, and here for the top tweets from the Dem Coalition account. See here, here, and here for the top tweets from Dworkin’s account.

F. Delaware State Senate Special Election: There was a special election in February 2017 for a Delaware State Senate seat that would determine which party controlled the chamber. We recruited volunteers to make thousands of calls for Democrat Stephanie Hansen, who wound up winning by with 58% of the vote — 19 points higher than her total when she lost the seat in 2014. See here, here, and here for some of our social media posts detailing our efforts.

G. Impeach Trump Made website (Link) and helped run the campaign, got #ImpeachTrump to trend multiple times throughout the year.

H. Fire Hannity: Made website (Link) that got over 300,000 page hits, helped run the campaign and got #FireHannity to trend. It was featured in Newsweek. (Link)

II. Social Media Reach

A. Twitter:
Scott Dworkin: Over 1,750,000,000 impressions and 54,000,000 interactions
Democratic Coalition: 3,200,000 interactions
Jon Cooper: 6,200,000 interactions
Nate Lerner: 1,470,000 interactions

B. Facebook: 900,610,195 impressions, 804,463 daily users reached, 28,927,179 engagements, 15,549,121 clicks, 24,900,000 Video views, 109,568 new fans

III. Trending Hashtags

IV. Opposition Research

We’ve investigated hundreds of people connected to Trump and of course Trump himself. We’ve uncovered thousands of documents, photos and videos. Here are some of the gems we uncovered in our research program.

The Dworkin Dossier (Link)
Trump Dossier Analysis (Link)

A. Trump Russian Ties
Video: Trump in Moscow talks about his friendship with Putin (Link)
Video: Trump Vodka ad made for business conference in Moscow (Link)
Video: Trump made this Russian ad for his Florida property in 2011 (Link) Audio: Trump: I Met Putin, “Got Along With Him Great” (Link)
Documents: Trump sold 2 of his colognes in Russia (Link)
Trump & Ivanka business partner signed $300M deal with Putin (Link, Link2)
Article: Trump tried to start a new MMA reality tv series in Russia (Link)
Docs/Photos: Trump hosted reception for Putin’s friend at Mar-a-Lago (Link)
Chart: Trump Soho buyers by country-Russia, India, Mexico, etc. (Link)
Document: Trump Employee worked in Moscow for a decade (Link)

B. Trump Business History
Story/Vid: Trump did million of business with Iran Contra arms dealer (Link) Docs: Trump evicted a disabled US Vet cuz he had a therapy dog (Link)
Docs: Trump had racist housing practices (Link, Story)
Docs: Trump & Stone paid a $250,000 fine for breaking lobbying laws (Link)
Docs: $15M loan in 2003 from the Cayman Islands (Link)

C. Trump Personal
Video: “I have a golf pro who’s mentally retarded” (Link)
Video: Trump trashes pregnant women (Link)
Video: Trump claims when he married Marla he owed $9.2B to banks (Link)

D. Family Members

  1. Donald Trump, Jr.
    Video: I’ve been to Russia many times in 2005, 2006 & 2007 (Link)
    Story, Photos & Documents: Was keynote speaker at Russian real estate conference in 2008 (Link, HuffPo Story, Occupy Democrats Story)
    Tweets: Don Jr. tweeting in Moscow and doing business in Russia (Link)
  2. Eric Trump
    Article: “Trump Hotel Collection is looking for markets in Russia.” (Link)
  3. Ivanka Trump
    Document: Had 2 tax liens on jewelry co in 2015 for $320,310.53 (Link)
    Photos: With Jared & oligarchs in Russia (Link, Link2, Link3)
  4. Jared Kushner
    Instagram: Jared’s brother was in Moscow in July of 2015 (Link)
    Photos: In Russia with Ivanka (Link)
    Photo: With Ivanka, Wendi Deng & Rupert Murdoch (Link)

F. Administration

  1. Mike Pence
    Spreadsheet: Him & wife reimbursed 111 times from campaigns (Link)
    Photos: Russian cleric meeting (Link)
  2. Betsy DeVos
    Article: 2 of 10 of Amway’s top markets are in Russia & Ukraine (Link)
    Article: Amway has offices in Moscow, Yekaterinburg & Novosibirsk (Link)
    Article: FSB raided Amway offices in 2016 for tax evasion (Link)
    Article: Amway insured 800 Russian employees via Alfa Bank (Link)
    Spreadsheet: Gave $2M to Russian American Christian University (Link)
  3. Jeff Sessions
    Document: Got 58 reimbursements for $16,174 via his campaign (Link)
    Video: Sessions isn’t qualified to be a US Attorney-Sen Kennedy (Link)
    Video: “Jeff Sessions is a disgrace to the Justice Dept” Sen Kennedy (Link)
  4. Michael Flynn
    Video: Flynn giving Putin a standing ovation in Russia (Link)
    Photos: Flynn seated next to Putin (Link, Link2)
    Video: Flynn defending Putin’s murder of journalists on MSNBC (Link)
    Video: Flynn lies, says Trump won popular vote by 70–90k votes (Link)
    Video: Says Milo is one of “the most brave people” he’s ever met (Link)
  5. Rex Tillerson
    Video: Tillerson toasting champagne with Putin in Russia (Link)
    Video: Putin overseeing Tillerson contract signing (Link)
    Docs: Sold his Cyprus co. to Russian real estate company (Link, Link2)
    Photos: Tillerson with Putin (Link)
    Photo: Inside Putin’s residence (Link)
    Photos: In Sochi with Putin after signing oil deal together in 2011 (Link)
    Photos/Docs: Meeting with Putin in 2012 (Link)
    Photo: Putin overseeing a deal between Rosneft & Exxon in Russia (Link)
    Photos: In St. Petersburg winning award from Putin in 2013 (Link)
    Video: Speaking at oil conference in Moscow in 2014 (Link)
    Photos: Rex Tillerson with Putin & Igor Sechin of Rosneft (Link)
  6. Steven Mnuchin
    Docs: Mnuchin was sued for role with Bernie Madoff (Link)
    Docs: Used to work for George Soros (Link)
    Docs: 122 emails leaked to Wikileaks (Link)
    Docs: Sued for price fixing (Link)
  7. Tom Price
    Documents: Invested $149,904 in fund that has assets in Russia (Link)
    Ethics Complaint: $41,950 in petty cash debits from campaign (Link)
  8. Wilbur Ross
    Screenshot: Chairman of Bank of Cyprus (Link)
    Docs/Screenshot: Ran US-Russia Investment Fund under Giuliani (Link)

G. White House Staff

  1. Boris Epshtyn
    Doc/Photo: Moderated panel with Moscow City Gov’t officials (Link)
  2. Kellyanne Conway
    Video: If women were stronger than men, rape wouldn’t exist (Link)
    Doc: Have Trump Towers condo, husband sat on condo board (Link)
    Docs: Husband defended co accused of bribing Russian officials (Link)
    Doc: Reported to Inspector General for pushing Ivanka’s business (Link)
  3. Seb Gorka
    Photo: Linked to nazi ally group (Link)
    Docs: Denied security clearance in 2002 in Hungary (Link)
  4. Steve Bannon
    Docs: Was paid $950,090 from super PAC while on campaign (Link, Story)

H. Trump Campaign

  1. Carter Page
    Video: Says he met Trump a number of times (Link)
    Video: Says he’s worked in Russia for over 27 years (Link)
    Video: Speaking in support of Putin while repping Trump in Russia (Link)
    Photos/Docs: Met with Russian Deputy PM during campaign (Link)
    Docs: Page’s dad runs energy company that does work in Russia (Link)
  2. George Papadopoulos
    Photo: Meeting with Greek politician who’s friends with Putin (Link)
    Video: Speaking for Trump in Greece after campaign (Link, Link2)
    Photos: Co-Hosted inauguration event with Reince & GOP Reps (Link)
    Photo: Meeting with Mayor in Greece after campaign (Link)
    Photo: Hosting meeting in Trump Tower during the campaign (Link)
    Photo: Meeting with Israeli activist 2 days after inauguration (Link)
  3. Michael Cohen
    Doc: Was Trump contact for MMA fight with Putin’s friend in NYC (Link)
    Docs: Lied about ever visiting Prague (Link)
    Video: Cohen with Trump & Russian fighter close to Putin (Link)
    Doc: Cohen as alias of Michael D. Hacking (taxi-related) (Link)
  4. Paul Manafort
    Photo: In Ukraine for Yanukovych inauguration (Link)
    Doc: Registerd office in Moscow, Russia (Link)
    Photos/Docs: Office in Ukraine (Link)
    Photo: Manafort with Akhmetov at Pinchuk Foundation in Davos (Link)

K. Republican Electeds

  1. Devin Nunes
    Docs: Invested in winery w/Russian distributor close to Putin (Link, Link2)
  2. Jason Chaffetz
    Ethics Complaint: We filed on Chaffetz for interfering in election (Link)
    Doc: we reported him to FBI for using his personal email for gov biz (Link)
  3. Lindsey Graham
    Photo: With Putin-linked billionaire who gave him $800,000 (Link)
    Docs: Took $800,000 from Putin-linked billionaire (Link)
  4. Marco Rubio
    Docs: Took $1,000,000 from Putin-linked billionaire (Link)
  5. Mitch McConnell
    Docs: Took $2,500,000 from Putin-linked billionaire (Link)
  6. Pam Bondi
    Complaint: We filed with DoJ on Trump & Bondi for bribery (Link)
    Docs: Questionable 500K contribution linked to Trump (Link)
  7. Paul Ryan
    Docs: We filed with House Ethics for abusing power & obstruction (Link)
    Doc: Reported him to FBI for fraud & obstructing Russia probes (Link)
    Docs: Took $30,000,000 from Sheldon Adelson since 2012 (Link)
    Doc: Trump gave Ryan’s super pac $100,000 in 2012 (Link)
  8. Richard Burr
    Story: We reported Burr to Secret Service for threatening Hillary (Link)
    Docs: Has investments in oil equipment co. that operates in Russia (Link)
    Complaint: Filed with Senate Ethics for obstructing Russia probes (Link)
    Complaint: Filed with Senate Ethics for threatening Hillary (Link)
  9. Ron DeSantis
    Report: 15 of Trump’s donors gave him 885K, he attacks Mueller (Link)
    Story: Trump Donors Funding GOP Rep Leading Mueller Attacks (Link)
  10. Scott Walker
    Doc: Took $1,000,000 from Putin-linked billionaire (Link)
  11. Trey Gowdy
    Complaint: Filed with House Ethics for taking bribes from anti-Hillary group while he was investigating her re: Benghazi (Link, Story)
    Docs: We reported him & Trump to FBI for bribery scheme (Link)

V. Media Coverage

  1. Scott Dworkin on MSNBC
    11/26/16 TrumpLeaks is Wikileaks competition (Link)
    1/9 Trump mob ties (Link)
    2/4 Mnuchin fined millions off Bernie Madoff partnership (Link)
    2/4 What’s next for The Resistance (Link)
    2/6 What Democrats need to do next (Link)
    2/18 Trump continues to lie about his Russian business ties (Link)
    3/26 Rep. Devin Nunes business ties to Putin (Link)
    4/30 Flynn paper trail will lead back to Trump & Pence (Link)
    5/20 Flynn is going to prison, but not before he talks (Link)
    5/20 Kushner should be in jail, not the White House (Link)
    7/15 Trump built fortune on dirty money, Russian mafia (Link)
    5/20 Ivanka & Jared should be implicated in Russia scandal (Link)
    6/17 Kushner should be in jail, not the White House (Link)
    7/10 Trump’s connection to Russian oligarchs (Link)
    9/17 Kushner colluded with Russia (Link)
    9/18 Kushner’s hiding something sinister (Link)
    12/10 Dworkin to Trump: Grow up (Link)
    12/10 Right-wing attacks on Mueller are absurd (Link)
    1/6/18 Nunes could be indicted for obstruction (Link)

2. Nate Lerner MSNBC (Link)
3. Democratic Coalition local coverage of our Nunes billboard (Link)

Here are some of our many print media hits:

1/5 “Donald Trump Jr. Was Actually Keynote Speaker At Widely Cited Russian Real Estate Summit” Huffington Post (Link)
1/6 “These New Leaked Photos Confirm Trump’s Corrupt Ties to Russia” Occupy Democrats (Link)
1/7 “The Question Donald Trump needs to answer about Russia” The Daily Beast (Link)
1/17 “Tape shows Trump contradicting himself (again) on Putin meeting” Yahoo! (Link)
1/17 “Trump: I Met Putin, ‘Got Along With Him Great’” Huffington Post (Link)
1/18 “The Daily 202” Washington Post (Link)
1/21 “Meet Robert Mercer, The Mysterious Billionaire Benefactor of Breitbart-thru our research we uncovered Bannon was illegally paid $950,090 via super a PAC while on the campaign Newsweek (Link)
1/24 AMJoy Panel Calls Out Trump Admin’s Dangerous Authoritarian Presser Crooks & Liars (Link)
2/7 “New Video: Completely refutes Trump’s gaslighting lie of the day about Russia” Huffington Post (Link)
2/9 “Kellyanne Conway: ‘Go buy Ivanka’s stuff’; I’m giving a ‘free commercial’” Washington Times (Link)
2/9 “Kellyanne Conway In Deep Trouble As Complaint Filed Over Her Promotion Of Ivanka Trump Businesses” Politics USA (Link)
2/16 “Kellyanne Conway’s husband represented firm accused of Russia bribe” (Link)
2/16 “Democratic Coalition Slams Trump’s “Rotten” Racist Housing Practices Just Confirmed By FBI” Huffington Post (Link)
2/25 “Forget Mexico, the walls are closing in on Trump” Huffington Post (Link)
3/17 Trump’s Tweets wearing on Utahns new poll finds” Desert News (Link)
3/23 “Britain Liquidates Russian Oil Companies’ Fraudulent ‘Clones’” The Moscow Times (Link)
4/3 “Trump bump: Entrepreneurs create apps, digital features tied to president” The Denver Post (Link)
5/10 “Jeffrey Toobin Unloads On ‘Grotesque’ Comey Firing” Huffington Post (Link)
6/6 “In Washington, Trump is roasted. In his Charlottesville winery, he’s toasted” NY Times (Link)
6/11 “Activists on the left seek to harness spending as part of their anti-Trump resistance” NPR (Link)
6/28 “Trump Compliments Reporter’s ‘Nice Smile’ During Call With Irish Prime Minister” NBC News (Link)
7/12 “Here’s the Putin-connected Russian billionaire who offered Trump Jr. dirt on Hillary” WYKC (Link)
8/2 “REPORT: Trump Spoke to Putin Prior Signing Russia Sanctions Bill” Independent Reporter (Link)
8/3 “Fire Hannity Effort Intensifies” Newsweek (Link)
8/4 “Liberal group urges advertisers to boycott Fox’s Hannity” US News (Link)
8/4 “Step Aside, Idris Elba and Chris Hemsworth: Robert Mueller Is America’s New Crush” Vogue (Link)
8/6 “In High School Stephen Miller complained about picking up his own trash” (Link)
8/16 “How Trump’s Manufacturing Jobs Council Fell Apart” DesignNews (Link)
8/22 “President Trump’s list of false and misleading claims tops 1,000” The Washington Post (Link)
8/29 “The Nashville Statement: The 5 Most Unbelievable Things The Anti-Gay Release Says” Hollywood Life (Link)
9/13 “White House says ESPN host Jemele Hill should be fired for calling Trump a White Supremacist” Think Progress (link)
9/15 “Ethics complaint filed against Sarah Sanders over call for Filing” The New Civil Rights Movement (link)
9/18 “Scott Dworkin Challenges Trump with #TrumpsAWhiteSupremacist and now it’s trending on Twitter” Heavy (Link)
9/18 “Is Trump a White Supremacist?” NY Times (Link)
9/25 “GOP Lawmaker: Defund NFL Team Over Player Protests” Rewire (Link)
9/25 “Trump slapped with ethics complaint over call to fire NFL players who protest anthem” The Wrap (Link)
9/27 “How Outsiders are making up for Obamacare advertising cuts” Policy Genius (Link)
9/29 “Tom Price Quits Health And Human Services Amid Private Flight Scandal” Newsweek (Link)
9/30 “‘Impeach Trump’ Tweets Resurface After His Criticism Of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz” Bustle (Link)
10/5 “John Kelly’s Cell Phone May Have Been Hacked — REPORT” Bustle (Link)
10/7 “Over 400 Trump Docs. Leaked Showing Russian Money Trail to RNC, McConnell, and Others” Bluedot Daily (Link)
10/13 “Trump mistakenly calls Virgin Islands Governor its President” NY Daily News (Link)
10/13 “#25thAmendment Trends On Twitter: Interest In How To Remove Donald Trump Using 25th Amendment Process Surges” Inquisitr (Link)
10/17 “‘Disrespectful lie’: Anger grows over Trump’s claims about past presidents and fallen troops” Washington Post (Link)
10/17 “Trump Reportedly Jokes About Mike Pence Wanting to ‘Hang’ gays” NBC News (Link)
10/30 “Mike Pence: Lying or Incompetent on Flynn” MSNBC (Link)
11/12 “Advertisers Ditch Sean Hannity Over His Coverage Of Roy Moore’s Alleged Pursuit of Teens” Huffington Post (Link)
11/16 “Drake halts Sydney show to shame groper” The Week UK (Link)
11/27 “Tech Companies Join Forces on Cyber Monday to Defend Net Neutrality” Common Dreams (Link)
12/1 “Trump pressured Republicans to stop the Russia investigation. More proof of obstruction of justice?” Salon (Link)
12/4 “Mueller Getting Closer: Deutsche Bank Loaned Jared Kushner $285M — Now Donald Trump’s Personal Account Exposed” Inquisitr (Link)
12/7 “The wildfires have ravaged these areas the worst” Slate (Link)
12/12 “Charles Barkley ‘wins’ Alabama Senate election” Chicago Sun-Times (Link)
12/12 “Kirsten Gillibrand fires back after Donald Trump’s sexist Twitter attack” Salon (link)
12/20 “These Tweets about Donald Trump’s Christmas Mar-A-Lago trip are seriously calling him out” Elite Daily (Link)
12/21 “Trump is really pissed he isn’t being praised by the fake news media for massive tax cuts” The New Civil Rights Movement (Link)
12/25 “Donald Trump declared himself victorious in the so-called war on Christmas” Mic (link)
12/28 “NEW: Devin Nunes’ Campaign Donor Was Original Funder Of Trump-Russia Dossier” Daily Kos (Link)
12/28 “#RemoveNunes trends on Twitter” Inquisitr (link)

VI. Legal Complaints and Reports: Here is a list of the legal reports and complaints we have filed since we started as a group. 44 in total.

VII. Billboards: We put up these billboards in 2017

VIII. Budget: Here is where we spent our money in 2017

IX. Fundraising: Here is how we raised our money in 2017

X. Contact Us: Facebook Twitter

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