About this project, 6 Years Past

To be honest, I always at some point wanted to actually share the contents of the series of journals I had written during my 29th year, the last year I drove a semi, fell for the wrong person, and made a lot of mistakes. That was the year I did a lot of good and bad to my self in a lot of ways and learned a lot about my self. I wanted to share these journals now for these reasons:

  1. I’m a fan of sharing of my personal life in so may other ways already.
  2. I have shared some of these with other individuals.
  3. I’m not ashamed of anything that was written as it all happened and it is in the past now for sure.
  4. I want to reflect for my self by re-reading them again about things I may have missed that can help my self now in the present. I think self-reflection is an incredibly important tool for the idea of self and self -maintenance.


There is a relationship between me and a girl who I thought would be It in these writings. I will not be disclosing any personal information about her nor her name AT ALL for any reason as she is more of a character in this tale and she will remain ‘her’ and her name will be redacted as needed.

All other names will be redacted as well.

Everything typed here is as it was literally written minus anything in brackets [] and are only used for clarity of grammar / spelling and for explanation of things if needed.

These entries are posted at the exact moment they were written six years to the day.

Why 6 years? I was going to do it at 5 years (or maybe 10?) but I had lent the journals out and just got them back recently, so why not now?

I hope you enjoy reading my travails about life.