Book 1 — August 31, 2010 10:02 PM

I figured out why I am so mad. I AM TIRED! I almost fell asleep driving at 7, that’s right 7 PM! Seven at night? What the hell? Seriously I am just mad all day about everything and almost had a mental breakdown because I couldn’t think straight. And I almost started crying again too. Again. Dumb. I swore all day too and realized I probably do that too much. I’d like to change that but not sure how. I really can’t keep a [swear] change jar, as I’d have no money left for now (although I’d easily save enough for retirement). The saving grace though came mostly from shock and surprise of being called a Glenn Beck look alike while I was at my maddest. All I could do was laugh, and I just laughed. Whoever that guy was saved my day for sure, even if I was extremely offended. Overall, it was a terrible day and now I gotta sleep as I’m falling asleep writing this now. But one more note. I’m mostly writing this to 1) document my day [and] 2) to see if I can get at least some kind of creativity back in my life. I feel as if it has died. Here goes. Oh and I never read what I wrote the day before so I will be repeating myself a lot. Oh well.

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