Periscope 1.0.3 Update And What It Means To You

Periscope Maturing

So the chaps at Periscope released update 1.0.3 late last night or early this morning depending on where you are in the world. Things have been not so great on Periscope lately with crashes, hanging and the vanishing comments issues we all know and love so this update was needed….Does it stand up to what was needed..well the update came with some very nice new changes

Profile Broadcast History — This means that you can click on yours or anyone else profile and see the broadcast history for the past 24 and replay them. This is a fantastic addition and means you no longer have to scroll down through the list of recently played streams to find the one you want. Also if someone recommends a ‘Periscoper’ you should follow you can search for their profile and then check out what they have broadcast.

Live Status — From anyone’s profile you can click and see if they are currently broadcasting live and if they are you can click through to the live stream pretty cool if you are searching out new people you wish to follow or have been recommend to follow.

Improved sign up — Been on since day one so haven’t checked this out but if anybody has and thinks it has been improved I would be interested to know.

The fix list wasn't hugely details but it ticked the boxes on things we all wanted to see fixed.

The tweet issue where Periscope wouldn't auto tweet that you were live and you had to log out of Twitter and Periscope has now been fixed at last.

Reversed forward facing camera image correction has now been resolved and we all look the way we should. Which I personally am very pleased about.

Bug crashes it claims have been fixed which is great and just in time for the Android ladies and gents to come along in their masses and crash Periscope.

The name bug has also now been fixed where it would auto capitalize full names and auto lower case user names.

So far the new update seems to be working well but it is only day one of release not had a chance to truly put it through its paces as I would like to.

I'm still waiting to see a better search function and the ability to filter but I guess I will just have to wait a bit longer

Be interested in hearing from any of you if you have had any issues with the new update.

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