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It was early September, my senior year college. My professor (thank you, Prof. Batchelor) stood in front of the class and was incredibly candid with us. He kept it real. He talked about how we could immediately become more appealing to employers by starting a blog.

“Write about anything. Whatever interests you. If only 5 people read it, that’s okay. You have a body of work that is out there to be seen.”

Did I mention he is a best-selling author too?

He obviously knew what he was talking about. I admired the way he thought, the way he could communicate, and his success. I watched the eyes in the classroom glaze over as students looked out the window or at their phone. …

Burgers, Fortnite, and a unique aesthetic

It’s lit!” yells a Travis Scott action figure at the end of a McDonald’s commercial.

McDonald’s and rap artist Travis Scott have recently collaborated to create “The Travis Scott” meal. The meal contains Scott’s ‘personal’ order Quarter Pounder with fries and Sprite. The new meal has taken the internet and McDonald’s storefronts by storm.

On the surface, this promotion seems like nothing special to many. The meal does not contain anything new to McDonald’s menu. Celebrities endorse countless products every day, so what makes it unique? …

Cashflow is the goal

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Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

One of the most frequently stated pieces of financial advice for young people is “make passive income” or “build multiple revenue streams”. Easier said than done right?

Growing up, my parents studied financial literacy ferociously as they dove into the world of entrepreneurship. …


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