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My parents have three children, me, my brother, and the family business.

When I was born, my parents weren’t entrepreneurs. My dad was a salesman and my mom was a software engineer. As a child, my dad was gone most of the week on business while my mom was at home. After a while, my mom went back to work. Irked with their current situation and fuel with motivation (you can read about my parents’ entrepreneurial journey here), my parents sacrificed two high-paying jobs to start a business, childcare centers.

They were learning constantly. As two new parents, and two…

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It was early September, my senior year college. My professor (thank you, Prof. Batchelor) stood in front of the class and was incredibly candid with us. He kept it real. He talked about how we could immediately become more appealing to employers by starting a blog.

“Write about anything. Whatever interests you. If only 5 people read it, that’s okay. You have a body of work that is out there to be seen.”

Did I mention he is a best-selling author too?

He obviously knew what he was talking about. I admired the way he thought, the way he could…

It’s lit!” yells a Travis Scott action figure at the end of a McDonald’s commercial.

McDonald’s and rap artist Travis Scott have recently collaborated to create “The Travis Scott” meal. The meal contains Scott’s ‘personal’ order Quarter Pounder with fries and Sprite. The new meal has taken the internet and McDonald’s storefronts by storm.

On the surface, this promotion seems like nothing special to many. The meal does not contain anything new to McDonald’s menu. Celebrities endorse countless products every day, so what makes it unique? The messaging, brand positioning, and virality of this campaign set it aside from the…

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One of the most frequently stated pieces of financial advice for young people is “make passive income” or “build multiple revenue streams”. Easier said than done right?

Growing up, my parents studied financial literacy ferociously as they dove into the world of entrepreneurship. Luckily, my parents loved to share their knowledge with me. As a 10-year-old, I knew about the benefits of generating cash flow, the appeal of escaping the rat race, and the importance of passive income to financial freedom. Passive income is income that requires little to no effort to maintain. …

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Personal value simply means the value that you can personally provide. Whether you are looking for a job, trying to make more money, a freelancer, or still a student, you are always trying to sell yourself.

As a professional, it’s our job to sell ourselves to companies, clients, and potential customers. We must be seen as valuable. As we increase our value, we become more appealing and more expensive.

While the tried and true methods of building personal value take time and effort (getting a degree, building job experience, etc), there…

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Quibi has generated over $1.5 billion in investment funding spanning back to its conception in 2018. The company was formed by Jeff Katzenberg, co-founder of Dreamworks and Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay.

For those who don’t know, Quibi is a content stream app providing quick, studio-quality mini shows to its viewers. While the app is free to download, subscriptions are required to watch, similar to Netflix. A seemingly simple concept, Quibi is riddled with blemishes and blunders.

These two great minds are the pioneers of a blatant misstep, showing forgetfulness of the failure of go90 and massive oversight. …

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Late nights studying, late nights partying, and thousands of similarly aged people all trying to figure out what the hell they are doing.

It’s no secret that we learn as much in the classroom as we learn about ourselves in college. This ranges from how we think, who we like to hang out with, what we want our careers to be, to who we are.

When I was a freshman, I was lost. Like many others, I went to college with a goal: to graduate. Besides that, I was still going with the flow. I felt like I was too…

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Picture this: You’re on LinkedIn, rummaging through job opportunities. You click to the next page, the next page, then the next.

Then, you stop.

You see a job that checks all of the boxes. It’s a company in an industry you enjoy, your ‘average day’ consists of everything you have experience in, they operate in a city you like, and they have office dogs!

You click to apply, and you attach your resume. You fill out your information, and then you see…

Attach Cover Letter Here (optional)

Let’s be honest. If you really want that job, then it isn’t optional…

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Regardless of where you are in life, receiving and applying feedback is a necessary part of your day-to-day. Whether you are a student, in the workforce, a supervisor, or an entrepreneur, you can benefit from the feedback and advice that you receive.

We should always be seeking to improve something. If we are seeking to improve ourselves, we ask for feedback from those around us. If we want to improve at our job, we ask our work colleagues. If we want to be a better supervisor and leader, we ask those we supervise and lead. …

Neon Sign Hustle
Neon Sign Hustle
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­­­­­­­­­­We’ve all seen THAT type of content.

“Want to be an entrepreneur? Be ready for pain”

“If you’re not struggling, you’re not working hard enough”

“Entrepreneurship is blood, sweat and more blood”

This type of content is easy to mass-produce and inaccurate. The general public likes to think in binaries and in simple terms. Writers like to write this way because it appeals to the lowest common denominator.

Entrepreneurship = Hard

Pound that over and over again and you have content creators painting entrepreneurs as the masochists that they aren’t.

Struggle Porn

A concept that has become more and more common over…

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