No Time to Rush

You chase what’s next.

And miss what’s here.

You forget that these are real human beings.

That life is happening.

Personal stories are unfolding.

Your story too.

Right now.

Do you see?

Check this.

When you look back on yesterday, what do you remember?

Did anything move your heart?

Did anything change?

Were you living or just making a living?

Life is short.

Shorter than you think.

There’s no time to rush.

What if?

You made it your intention to be present.

To listen deeply.

To open your heart.

Don’t overlook the person who needs your encouragement.

Your support.

Your belief.

Your friendship.

What if?

You chose to be aware of what lies behind the messages.

To recognize the fears behind the conflict.

To feel the wounds that build the walls.

To be a voice of reconciliation.

Don’t hold back the words that need to be said.

Words that clarify.

Words that connect.

Words that heal.

What if?

You laughed a little more.

Cried a little more.

Showed up at someone’s desk.

To bring them the gift of a smile.

Consider this an invitation to a take personal inventory.

To stop for a moment and notice what’s happening to your days.

To notice how you’re spending them.

And who you’re spending them with.

Work time is your life time.

Live it on purpose.

“We feel the demands of our work. We are the leaders of teams, transformers of raw materials, the movers of information, the transporters of goods, the providers of service and
we are much more.”

Originally published at on July 22, 2015.