Getting Started

I have now started at the Iron Yard. I can tell this will be an intensive 12 weeks, but I am up for the challenge. I am really enjoying the environment and the interaction with the instructors and other class members. Coding is awesome as well. Challenging, but awesome.

HTML and CSS are difficult, but I think I am starting to develop a system for learning everything so fast. During lecture, I was making the mistake of trying to follow along with the instructors line for line, step for step. It didn’t matter if it was CSS, command line, or GIT, but I found myself falling behind. Eventually I figured out the best method, for me, was to keep the computer closed, and too watch them, listen, and ask questions if something initially seemed confusing.

After lecture time comes lab time. This is my turn to try my hand at everything. And if I run into trouble (which I do) then I can always ask an instructor for help. But the best method of learning is by doing, which now clarifies why The Iron Yard allows the lab time in the afternoon. We need to have time to ourselves to figure it out.

One thing I appreciate is that the instructors don’t always rush to give us an answer either. Before asking for help, I think it’s good to try everything I can by myself until I run out of ideas. But even then, when asking for help, the teachers will not just give an answer. Rather, they ask questions. By asking me questions, they are having me explore. Exploration, then, is the key to discovery. As a result, I usually am able to carve out my own path towards the solution, rather than relying on Abby, Aaron, Jess, or Justin to just tell me what to do.

The only thing I don’t like so far is my commute from Salado to Austin. The traffic in this city is not my favorite…or anywhere for that matter. I can’t imagine there would be a traffic situation I would ever fall in love with…

In any case, I look forward to the weeks, challenges, and learning curves ahead.