TED Talk with Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek, an author and speaker who specializes in leadership managment, gave a TED talk in 2009. During that speech he described what he called the “Golden Circle.” He explained, that by looking at the circle we could better understand what makes successful people successful. To be a success, you need to start with the “Why” of what you do what you do. You do not start with the “What” as too many people make the mistake of doing. When you start with the Why, you are driven by resolve, and others can see the inspiration. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was not driven by the What but by the Why, Sinek explains. That is why he has the famous, “I have a dream” speech, rather than the “I have a plan” speech.

To be successful, and to be successful long-term, you need to discover your Why and hold on to it tightly. It is not only what will make you a success but will keep your motor running for a very long time. If you lose the Why, then you run the risk of running out of steam.

I decided to come to The Iron Yard and become a web designer. Why? To get a career and make money is fine, but it does not seperate me from anyone else, and will certainly not distinguish me from all the others applying for the same jobs I am in over a month. But knowing that I got into this field to be creative, to be challenged, and to be inspirational is my Why. No, I don’t think I will inspire the world, my goals are not that lofty. But if I can inspire just a few others at a time over the course of my career, than I would consider that an accompishment, and myself a success.