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Why people aren’t buying your Sh!t!

At the end of every transaction is a human being, I know this seems obvious, but evidence would suggest that this is something a great number of businesses struggle with.

Show an attempt at deception, a disrespect for intelligence, a lack of care or regard for loyalty and people will when given the choice, consistently reward you with their absence.

Universally, what we have experienced in the past 8 weeks has been so foreign, confronting, alarming and disturbing, whilst there is variable impact, emotionally this has been one hell of a ride for so many of us. The fragility of our commerce, the lost value of our connection, the dysfunction of our workplaces, the absence of business dexterity and our strategic impotence in the face of uncertainty, all on display for our viewing displeasure. …

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I want to talk about something that may upset a few people, in fact, some people might see this point of view as downright offensive. The concern I have is with our take on the term “Start-Up”.

I see the term “Start-Up” as a potentially dangerous label we are increasingly prone to using. I will argue that the term “Start-up” brings with it a false idealism that makes us feel bigger than we are. This, in and of itself, can make us lose our perspective about our own reality.

Now if you think I am nitpicking, I want you to consider the difference in a BBQ conversation that goes like…

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I have been involved in building businesses since 1994. Since that time I have been very fortunate to be a part of some stunning successes, work with some incredibly talented and committed people and been blessed to have worked hard enough on myself to bounce back from some deeply painful defeats.

Today, I continue to help people grow their business, and it’s something I simply love doing.

Over this time our approach has become more focused, methodologies more refined, data sources more evolved and the engagement with clients more direct, or shall we say “more authentic”. …

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The country alight,
To the media’s delight.
Another human struggle,
An angle of political spite.

And the people young and old,
Fleeing their scenes,
Yet the commentary,
Is opportunistic,
If you know what I mean.

Is this the loss of human life,
The loss of so many people, so many homes,
An excuse for the big mouths,
To take to their political thrones.

When what we are witnessing is people’s real-life Armageddon,
The truth of this tragedy,
For the rest of their lives, they’ll be deadened.

People who have died at the hands of this Catastrophe,
I wish our nation could better see,
That all of this grandstanding,
All of this blame,
Is perhaps for us the greatest of shames. …

The written word

So absurd

This written word

Used by many to be heard

Or seen

For who we really are

Pen to paper

And there we are

You write you an inside

Just so you can get it out

You speak of your song

You share your doubt

You express feelings of love

And if loss you do confide

You wrote this word

And bring me to your side

You share a thought

And faith and hope collides

You write these words

And I can hear

Your message

From inside

Thinking Small in StartUp Marketing

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I can’t tell you how much wasted , time , money and effort I’ve made in my last 15 years in StartUp Marketing.

But first, before I get to that I want to talk about this StartUp definition and how I think it may in and of itself be a disservice to productive marketing effort.

Are you a StartUp or a small business?

What’s good about Good Friday ?

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It’s funny how we roll but then in parts , not so funny at all. How the hamster wheel of life , the rinse and repeat of “living” and the rather unconscious way we get on the merry-go-round of doing stuff and miss out on the best of life’s experiences, all to prop up a better existence for ourselves, you know, one day.

In this “evolved” way of living we have never before identified en masse as being more depressed, stressed, unfulfilled, lonely or incomplete.

I watched late afternoon and early evening yesterday and I observed a retail frenzy of Armageddon style proportions on the eve of retailers actually being shut for one whole day. Makes me wonder if closing more often is actually good retail strategy.


Scott McLaughlin

curiously conscious commerce

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