The problem with everyone building platforms.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

DISCLAIMER: We have a few horses in this race — (content discovery platform) and (content creation)

Great piece. However, a silver lining exists.

While less market share may be covered by the traditional publishing houses, this is largely due to a greater share being generated by the populus (consumers, brands, thought leaders, innovators, etc.) — “boots on the ground”.

The great thing about where we are heading is that we no longer need to lean on others to tell our story, we can tell it ourselves in a more meaningful and authentic way.

The challenge this presents is that instead of one well to go to (i.e. traditional publishing houses), an individual needs to find the many puddles of valuable content in specific niches written by individuals and outlets they may have never seen before.

Many aggregators fail by merely vacuuming anything with a keyword and putting a nice coat of paint on the content to make it pleasing to read. We believe that the solution requires a more active methodology for content discovery that automates the natural filtration we conduct to discern the value a piece of content provides — and is transparent in why the selected article is believed to be valuable.

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