Buy those AirPods

I love my AirPods. They’re the most Apple-y product I’ve bought in years, and I say that as a man who deeply loves his iPhone 6s Plus and late 2015 27" 5k iMac. But the AirPods are slick.

A lot of reviewers have bemoaned the lack of volume controls, and I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t bother me. But it only bugs me a little. Most of the time I don’t care.

I absolutely love the remove to pause, insert to resume functionality. The overall convenience and included feature set more than make up for the product’s compromises.

Anyway, this isn’t really a proper AirPods review — I’m working on that for right now. But if your finger is hovering over the order button and you just need one more resounding YES to push you over the edge, then consider this it:

YES! Buy the AirPods.

You won’t regret it.