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I find it interesting that the links, when working, all point to 2013 research and fail to include some recent papers where the “consensus” (read really bad science as consensus has no place in science) has finally acknowledged what us “deniers” (I love Ad Hominem attacks, it’s the true sign of a loser in the eyes of those who understand debate) have been saying for decades: your models (modified economic models) are terrible.

Essentially, global average temperature (really poor measure since it doesn’t correctly factor out short-term global eaffects like the El Nino’s and La Nina’s as well as accounting for regional differences that can be born out of a single country like say the US where saying the US average summer/winter temperature is X even if it’s restricted to the continental US is idiotic since we have Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, North Dakota, Maine, etc. and is a terrible representation of anything) has not followed the models at all even with a few very large El Ninos and this is not just born out of satellites, but also of weather balloons. Thermostat measurements are tracking closer to the low models, but chunks of thermostats have been affected by Heat-islands and land-use changes that do affect local temperatures with the Heat Island effect being responsible for us to 7F difference in local temperatures if the measurement is taken in or near a city. As well, try using those models to post-cast the past and even the best ensembles are wildly inaccurate proving that current modeling is useless for predicting the future.

Basically, you can’t tell me humans are accountable for any percentage of warming until you can separate out the various warming factors of earth: solar (no, not just TSI, but the components that make up TSI vary widely and have huge affects on temperature, cloud formation, etc. and the lot of you should look into it instead of focusing on only CO2), clouds, cosmic radiation, aerosols, human CO2 vs. natural CO2 (plants decaying releases the same type of CO2 that burning FF does and OCO2 shows areas over the Amazon releasing more CO2 than much of the continental US does in the summer and yes some of this could be due to burning forests, but it could also be natural death and decay), etc.

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