“Their stories make it clear that the false dichotomy promoted by proponents of these Obamacare…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Nice strawman you’ve created to burn, now how about you come up with a real argument?

In the meantime, let us examine your strawman:

Repubs believe it’s your fault if:

  1. You’re poor. No, we believe that if you’re long-term poor it’s your fault. Want to know why? Well, it’s really simple. The US is super rich (seriously, our poor aren’t poor on any global scale) and if you graduate high school, hold down a job, and don’t have a kid out of wedlock you won’t be permanently poor in the US. This is why for a married black family, the poverty rate is 7% and the single white mother poverty rate is 27%.
  2. Jobless. Actually, in most cases you’re actually right because unless you have a disability that prohibits you from working, it is typically your fault that you’re jobless. This is because you could clean up and get hired as a food-service worker or janitor. As well, if you’re really struggling you could get government aid to get training in a skilled labor job (welding, construction, etc) and make more money and have more job opportunities than nearly everyone else with college degrees that aren’t in STEM or Lawyers.
  3. Homeless. Once again, only if it’s long term and see above.

Finally, your last statement flies in the face of reality since more Republicans give their time and money to charity than Democrats do and so we care about those in need within our communities and around the globe while you guys champion the government taking care of everything when it proves time and time again that it’s the absolute worst at nearly everything it does and should never be in charge of healthcare (V.A, NHS with Charlie Gard, cancer outcomes in the US vs the rest of the developed world, etc)

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