I can see the trolls are out in force trumpeting thier lies.

  1. No duh, if I can’t pay for my car, I don’t get a car. If I can’t pay for my house, I don’t have a house. Etc. Government regulation and malpractice suits have made our healthcare the most expensive in the world.
  2. Well, charity used to handle a bit of healthcare, but now that hospitals are forced to give care regardless of the ability to pay, illegal aliens and those without insurance flooded ERs (Obamacare made this worse). Charity funding was less erratic when people used to believe that the community took care of itself instead of the federal government. With FDR on a significant portion of the US population (nearly all Dems) believe that churches and charity are no longer necessary because “The Government can”
  3. This is actually true, but a little misguided as this should easily make the case that insurance companies should be able to sell across state lines. This would do 2 things: Increase competition and lowering costs and increasing risk pools further. If that one thing about health insurance was changed, those in the individual market would see huge premium and deductible savings.
  4. Well, this is a bit of a bad example since charity clinics and other organizations offer immunizations to poor kids for this reason as the cost of vaccines is very low compared to the risk of spreading. Also, due to their ubiquity, vaccines are actually really cheap.
  5. Um, what? Poor is relative (US poor are in the global 1%). Also, wealthy is an accumulation of money over time and is also a relative term. As well, in the US, there are more millionaires than you think like if you own your house, cars, and have a decent retirement fund, you’re quite likely to be a millionaire even if it’s short lived once you retire.
  6. No it’s not. This means that a doctor’s (and nurses) degree, time, skills, etc. are your right (they’re not). Essentially, you are advocating for slavery(!!!!!) for a specific set of the population. Also, you want to make doctor’s and nurses a scarcity because only those who want to really help people will go into medicine and instead you won’t have the best of the best doctors because there is no incentive for a doctor to be the best (command more pay). You’ll also lose all those expensive and sometimes lifesaving experimental treatments (unless you’re rich enough to pay for the massive increase in taxes along with the private care) because now care is rationed to those who will contribute most. Also, cases like Charlie Gard in the UK will become the norm and not the exception. As well, cancer survival rates will probably plummet because now you have to wait 6+ months to see a specialist (scarcity) and will either die or advance a few stages to where care is no longer even worth it in the single payer system (SO SO SO SO SO many anecdotes from Canada alone). Seriously, you need to do some research to learn exactly why healthcare isn’t and should never be considered a right.
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