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I’m reading Liu Cixin now, I’ve got a Mat Johnson book ready to read next. I’ve always read books from writers around the world. I’ve got Mahfouz, Marquez, Senghor, books by writers from all sorts of places and cultures. I do not agree that a book and a writer should be monocultural unless perhaps the subject occurs within a time period where a culture has no contact with any other culture. Could you tell me when that ever was? We live in a multicultural world, and we have pretty much for almost all of recorded human history. I agree that a book that talks about a culture is usually more authentic on that cultural experience when the writer is born to that culture. But that doesn’t necessarily make it a good book. I don’t think writers should be silenced for fiction that includes characters from people outside their birth culture. Ian McDonald is a good example, he’s written fantastic books about Turkey, India, Brazil, and Kenya that are so sensitive and insightful about the cultures he writes about. He does it well. I hope one day you will do it well also and we can read about your blend of cultures.

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