Super Sunday in New Orleans

“I’m not sure, but I’m almost positive, all music came from New Orleans.”

-Ernie K-Doe

Wild Tchoupitoulas’ Wild Man gets the party started on Washington Street
Young Mardi Gras Indian girl with drum on 3rd st at Freret

Maybe it’s the water.

A family affair in the middle of Washing ton Street
Big Chief Spoon walks past truck selling Turkey Necks, Hot Crawfish, Pigs Feet and more
The Big Chief hands down feathered headdresses to members of his family and Krewe
Lil Queen at washington and S. Saratoga Street
S. Saratoga Street
Big Chief
Getting ready in front of Kipp Central Academy
Young Mardi Gras Indian getting dressed by her uncle
Face paint is an important part of the costume
S. Saratoga Street



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