Scott, please re-read the second sentence of my post, the one which begins “I certainly do not…
James David Jacobs

ok, MF’er — lol I appreciate your response, and I meant to come off more nuanced than perhaps I came across. Regardless, I liked your response; but, I still need to call out your judgment of Assad as a “bad guy” You don’t even know that much. So, you can’t claim a noble ignorance (which I’ll take, hoping to take any pejorative from “ignorant” other than unknowing; which we all, even the few reporters ((from Beirut)) must admit) So, I forget the other trifle I intended to raise; but that was my biggest beef with your reply. All else I essentially take as fair. I appreciate your comment on Noriega, I was a Freshman in college, my girlfriend had a brother in the Marines that was deployed over that Christmas (the fear of that is so silly, but I remember it well, particularly now that you remind me. I don’t mind a few barbs; but like more your ethos to keep advancing the greater argument. I think I love you, but I’ve been drinking. Appreciate (hackneyed yet?) the discourse immensely. Keep fighting!

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