A Brief Policy Overview – Military Training Applied to Formal Education

I am currently working up separate briefs that provide a more detailed explanation of the following points. The purpose of this document is to provide a general overview of my policy idea, its benefits, and how it can easily be made into law.


Service in the military begins with a formalized training regime (often called basic training) intended to indoctrinate a recruit into military lifestyle. From there, service members move on to receive advanced training for a specific job, and the training continues essentially until one exits the service. In recent years, this training has been compiled into military transcripts that translate training into college credit hours. Initiatives have improved this process by joining multiple branches under the Joint Service Transcript (JST) System, and evaluations are ongoing by academic professionals to more efficiently transfer military training into meaningful college credit. However, this all means nothing if the JST (military transcript) never makes it to the institution the veteran chooses to pursue an education at.

Proposed Policy:

Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) should create regulatory law to ensure the JST is applied to a veteran’s transcript at the institution where benefits are being paid. Congress has already passed statutory law that charges VA with administrating veteran educational benefits, creating the necessary forms to do such, and has explicitly stated its intent not to authorize benefits for credits if the veteran “is already qualified, by reason of previous education or training, for the educational, professional, or vocational objective for which the program of education is offered.” Accordingly, VA should implement a policy for providing the JST to a veteran’s school concurrently with VA benefits.

Policy Benefits

· Could potentially prevent the misallocation of almost one billion dollars in VA education funds.

· Allows veterans to preserve benefits for possible use on post-graduate degree.

· Research suggests that students with “prior learning credits” are 2.5 times more likely to graduate.

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See my this blog for more details on why this policy will have such a significantly positive financial benefit. https://medium.com/@scottcrawford_79863/projected-financial-benefit-d8b671a6bed