Don’t Be A Whiny Bitch!

Stop whining! Please! It’s not good for you, me or your circle of people. Think about being in the presence of someone who constantly bitches, moans or whines about life, their job, the economy, politics, family, friends & anything that makes them unhappy. How does that make you feel? Now imagine being around someone who, instead of whining, looks at all situations with an optimistic attitude, overcomes & prevails? How does that person make you feel?

Recently I was eating at one of my favorite breakfast places where they have a quaint horseshoe counter; I love this place and its simple old town ambiance. I love sharing a meal and conversation with people that you may not know, I find it enlightening and sometimes a pleasure. But this day my pleasure deflated like a balloon escaping the hands of a child attempting to tie the finishing knot. A patron on the other side of the horseshoe wasn’t happy in the least bit about her order. She complained that the preparation, the appearance, the consistency, and the speed of service just wasn’t up to her satisfaction. I sincerely think The Rolling Stones wrote their epic hit Satisfaction with her in mind.

Quietly observing the drama, I was dismayed, well, maybe not really, when she tried to enlist support by finding fault with other patrons’ orders. When she looked at me and my meal, before she could even utter a syllable, I pronounced with jovial content, “Oh no ma’am! You keep your unhappiness on that side of the counter!” with a smile and chuckle. With that statement, the counter erupted with laughter, and the mood in the air shifted and became lighter.

The servers were delighted, and the other patrons entertained, and the unsatisfied customer went mute. I suspect that she doesn’t find much happiness in her life. Her companion, I assume was her husband or mate, reacted like a scared puppy not knowing whether to sit, beg or lay down.

What can we take away from this little drama? Haven’t we all had similar experiences? Don’t we all occasionally catch ourselves in a bitchy whiny mood? What loop do we commonly fall into in this circumstance?

Optimism always works for me. Sometimes I have to dig down deep to find it, but I’m always glad I do.

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