I’ll be honest, yeah, you did trigger me a little, and for that, I do apologise.
Rion Hunter Brodie

All is well that ends well, friend. I just finished reading Shibboleth’s response. He is far more articulate than I am, but I have to say I agree with a large chunk of what he says. I will let you respond to him and not get into the middle of your conversation with him.

I think there’s a major generational difference going on here. I agree with Shibboleth that this country/world (all the way from Pythagoras’ day until today), has been built on the spines of men. I am concerned that women may take offense at that sentence. What I’m referring to is the grunt work of creating this world. For instance, all the castles throughout Europe. Perched high in the mountains with tall spires. Someone pushed and heaved those stones up that mountain and up to the top of that spire. And I’m grateful it wasn’t me.

The toil could never have been endured without the support of women. In many ways women played a greater role in providing much-needed wisdom, counsel, love, steadfast loyalty, and endlessly repairing the spirit of the beaten down male. Still it was men’s spines, men’s spirit, and men’s hearts that took a beating. (Keep in mind that I’m referring to middle history, and ancient history, here. In our present day society, women will soon be taking the power role in society. And I am full support of it. Hell, when you look at Rhonda Rousey and Michelle Rodriguez, women are soon to overtake, or equal, men in the physical strength arena and in Hollywood portrayals. Women are kicking ass these days and I mean that literally!).

It is a different world today. Previous roles of masculinity now can be accented or adjusted for a less cruel world in 2016. I don’t think there is a Millennial male who would sacrifice his life so that his wife and children can have better access to an App that helps them order dinner. Values and priorities are different now.

The younger generation is going to change the world for the better (I believe this deeply), but if you disrespect the men throughout our long history on earth (who’s backs we are standing on) to make that change, you will insult more people than you uplift.

Carry on.

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