I didn’t say all masculine people are dickheads.
Rion Hunter Brodie

Calling it a display of deviance is harsh. I would call it a display of difference. I don’t defend the people who have opposed your choices. And if they have been giving you aggression and grief, and been insulting to you, then you certainly deserve the emotion you are expressing, and you have earned the right to be spiteful. And I do believe you that it has been endless. If you did this for two years, then you get credit for having the stamina to stick it out and continue to try to open minds.

— (As I type this James Bay is singing in the background on the AMA awards: “Let It Go” (you be you and let me be me).

Don’t lump me in with those who are opposing you. My point is that those words are not winning over the people who are you are trying to win over. Spiteful writing can cause you to lose your audience. You sound reasonable and friendly and I sense fervent passion in your words (and that is a good thing). I was trying to caution you from crossing the line to where your words sound like they are propelled by venom.

Personally, I believe you are/were doing the right thing by simply being happy and unaffected by those small-minded ones who confront you. Keep doing that. One day it’ll dawn on them that THEY feel weird inside and you don’t.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If those people are a generation or three older than you, they will probably change painfully slow. Give them time and nudge them along kindly. Their progress might surprise you.

I am comfortable with who I am and I am comfortable with who you are. Whether someone is wearing fingernail polish or football pads on their shoulders… It makes no difference to their core character. You have made that point for two years and I’m not trying to discourage you an ounce. The dickhead comment triggered a response and distracted me from expressing support and encouraging you to continue doing what you’re doing. I think its a good thing.

And last…Your vague cherry bomb of a last paragraph sounds like the passive aggressive umbrage that you just spoke of, so perhaps I triggered you too. I will choose to ignore the last paragraph and thank you for your immediate response and clarifications.