Representation Matters: Woman Judge Blasts Guards Over Treatment of Female Inmate
Charlotte Clymer

I am livid.

I hope this story busts wide open and becomes widespread public knowledge. The officials who are behind this treatment are sexist, sexual-harassing men. The gentleman with the potbelly (and the gun on his hip), who calmly escorted a woman into a court room without pants, deserves to be immediately reprimands Big-Time.

Those responsible at the jail facility have committed a crime of sexual harassment and racial humiliation. While on public State or Federal property, no less! Their faces and names should be paraded on CNN 24 hours a day. These men are bigoted, ignorant, and insensitive. Denying a female her necessary feminine hygiene products is horrendous.

I have great faith the Judge is going to make her outrage widely known. The Judge has had the weekend to think about this event. I hope she comes into work this morning with her eyes blazing, and with the legal authority to bring these potbellied immature white men in front of her desk to face her wrath and try to defend their actions. Let the public camera be the first step in their punishment.