it’s that there are a LOT of dickheads that unwaveringly abide by the law of masculinity.
Real Men Don’t
Rion Hunter Brodie

If that is how they choose to enact their freedom of choice, then who are you to come waltzing along and calling them a dickhead for doing so? If there’s anybody that has close-minded bigotry between their ears it is you.

Furthermore, if those unwavering people are happy and free and open for you to do whatever you wish with YOUR fingernails, while choosing to leave their OWN fingernails un-adorned, then what is your beef? You made some interesting points, but this makes you look awful silly here. You just did what you chastise others for doing.

Do your thing, young man, and give others the freedom to do theirs. Capice?

There is room enough for everyone without tossing more insults.

(Lynn Fredericks comment below is 100% on the mark).

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