You, like most partisan haters, tend to think it’s your way against “them” and try to compare what…
Son of Roxie

I see you’re a top writer for Black Live Matter, so you clearly have some authority on this topic (full disclosure, I read none of your posts, so many of my comments are aimed more towards the user of ID politics, than you specifically).

I don’t recall any incidents in which Obama “and his party used identity politics for 8 straight years”. I will agree the comment “under Obama’s presidency that identity politics reared its grotesque head”, though I disagree with the characterization.

Isn’t the reason the term “identity politics” came into existence because (1) we elected our first black president, thus thrusting debates on color into the fore, (2) both the right and left used the idea of a black president to their advantage to attempt to galvanize their bases (yes, both sides. Be fair), and finally, (3) the increase in violent killings of black men, caught on camera, during his administration led, to the rise of Black Live Matter movement.

Many on the right, like yourself (?), have tried to turn the protests of unjust killings of black men and women at the hands of police on its head… saying no no no, this is wrong, it’s ID politics! No, it’s not. It’s a community coming together to speak out against injustice. What’s so wrong about that?

Be real… in politics, everyone draws lines around groups of all types and tries to cast a net around them to get large groups of voters to vote in one way or another. Just because these are black people standing up, now all of a sudden the term ID politics materializes to demonize them…

So, all the right-leaning churches in the South outwardly telling people how to vote in the last 3 or 4 elections isn’t wrong? Where was this term then? The Christian identity is has been used to galvanize the right for much longer. But, I didn’t see a single right winger stepping up to complain about ID politics when it supported their cause.

So be real. You and all those on the right are just using a term that suits you so you can try to make some quasi-moral argument to try to tell people of color or the LGBT community who are standing up against injustice and equal rights to sit down and shut up. The sad part is you actually believe you’re right… while trying to deny people their rights.

I will never get why the right falls for these false dichotomies. Frankly, centrists like myself and many on the left have entertained them for too long. I think the time for placating with people who don’t want to genuinely engage with world as it is around them is over. This pseudo-intellectual bigotry is just serving to make us see that you on the right dug in and can’t be compromised with. Just wait. The next election will be here before you know it and the right will have nothing substantial to show for 2 years. Nail in the coffin, mark my words.

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