8/28/16 — Dog Walk

Today was a little bit less about photography than it was making sure our dog Daisy doesn’t do anything inside our condo.

Daisy is our six year old Shorkie. A Shorkie is one of those designer breeds people talk about. What we used to refer to as a “mutt.” Daisy is one of those specialized mutts. She’s a Yorkie/Shitzu cross which make her small, fairly cute and expensive. Tammy has flown off to Fresno overnight for work leaving me with the responsibility of making sure there are no puddles or land mines on the floor at any point.

Fuji X-E2 w/16mm f1.4. ISO 200 1/1000 f5.6 -1/3EV ©Scott D’Errico 2016

Tonight’s excursion was more about grabbing some quick shots while doing the walk around the block trying to coax Daisy to do her business than it was about artistic photography. I threw my X-E2 with Fuji 16mm f1.4 over my shoulder and headed downstairs.

The first observation I would like to make would only be important if I were much younger and much more single than I am at the current time. If you are a single male looking to attract a single female (or male) get yourself a cute little dog. Good lord, this dog is magnetic. Three different times on a 25 minute walk I was stopped (one twenty something female, one couple and one thirties something male) because they commented about how cute Daisy was. Daisy being the typical overly friendly pocket dog did her best to accommodate her cuteness and went right up to anyone wanting to pet her.

As we continued our walk I decided to just grab a few shots of the area surrounding our building. We live in what is referred to as “Downtown Anaheim.” I’m not quite sure I’ve ever lived in a city of 300,000+ where downtown consisted of pretty much one street with two 7 story office buildings, a skating rink (Anaheim Ducks practice facility), several condo/apartment buildings and a bunch of small restaurants and specialty shops. In any case it’s a great area.

Our building — Fuji X-E2 w/16mm f1.4 ISO400 1/480 f6.4 ©Scott D’Errico 2016

We continued down past the ice rink on our jaunt. Daisy was not appearing to be in the mood though as she had squatted three or so times at this point but with no results other than a slightly wet sidewalk.

Downtown Anaheim — Fuji X-E2 w/16mm f1.4 ISO 200 1/800 f5.6 -1/3EV ©Scott D’Errico 2016

When we got to the back side of the building and headed West I finally saw something that interested me. Off in the distance, in silhouette, I saw an image that made me think of an urban version of the cover of The Eagles iconic Hotel California album. How ironic. I reeled the dog in a bit so as to not let her run into the street and become a road pizza and took a few shots. I wanted a good sun star and silhouette of the buildings and palm trees. Shooting with the Fuji and its WYSIWIG EVF has made making images like this easier than it’s ever been as you can dial in your exposure, hit the DOF preview and see pretty much exactly what you’ll get. No more chimping for this little black duck.

Looking west down Lincoln St.- Fuji X-E2 w/16mm f1.4 ISO400 1/2000 f16 -2EV ©Scott D’Errico 2016

We headed back into the building as Daisy had zero intention of doing anything at this point. Hopefully next walk Daisy will take care of business as I do not look forward to stepping in anything in the dark tonight.

I’ve been sitting on my bed writing this post, window open, as there is a wonderful cool breeze coming in. This is a rare opportunity when you’ve been living in Texas and any breeze this time of year resembles someone aiming a fan at an active volcano. I happened to look out said window as the sun was setting, grabbed my X-E2, traded the 16mm for the 56mm f1.2 and made the following image. I’m now singing to myself “On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair…”

Fuji X-E2 w/56mm f1.2 ISO400 1/350 f4 -1EV ©Scott D’Errico 2016

I think I got my image for today. I’m happy.