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Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy your Fuji system as much as I have. After shooting Canon for 35 years (film and digital, manual focus and AF) I am truly enjoying what Fuji has brought to the table.

As far as my dislike of post processing, it stems back to recent years of shooting pro sports. You don’t have time to shoot an event in RAW when you’ve got to edit and transmit images while it is taking place (between periods of a hockey game or at halftime of soccer/football). For social posting I find the version of Photos that Apple supplies on my IPad works just as I need it to. When I load images to my computer for printing I use the same Photos app on my IMac to edit.

If you learn the art of photography, and I mean really learn your correlation between shutter speed, ISO, aperture, lens focal length and distance to subject you will be able to get it 90–95% correct in camera during exposure. Especially given the EVF pretty much showing you how your exposure will look. There is more than enough latitude in the Fuji .jpeg to tweek that last 5–10% to bring out some shadow detail or tone down some highlights as needed. I feel that the computer and post processing should be a tool improve what you have created and not a crutch to try and rescue what you didn’t get because of improper technique or exposure.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your X-T10 and lenses.


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