One Year in SoCal

I’ve been given a unique opportunity. Thanks to my employer in Dallas allowing me to work from home I will be living in Anaheim, California for the next year with my wife Tammy in support of my stepson Christian as he attempts to work his way higher up on the ladder in his budding music career.

Christian is a drummer. A drummer with a passion for music. A passion that you rarely see in someone his age these days. He possesses an ear for the music and a knowledge of the industry that of a seasoned veteran. His passion and this move have reignited my passion. In a prior life I was a photographer. I was a newspaper photojournalist for four years, team photographer for a championship winning AHL hockey team, Photo Editor for a trading card manufacturer and a contracted sports photographer shooting the NFL, NCAA football, MLB and the NHL. For the past several years my photography was about family and vacations. Pretty typical stuff. The heat of DFW gave me no reason to want to go out exploring and making images of what was around me. All of that changed with this move.

I currently work a 9–5 office job but in my heart I’m still a photographer. While my subjects won’t be professional athletes this time around and there won’t be any paid assignments I’ll be going back to my roots as a photojournalist. This blog will be a hybrid. I will be writing about what I see and daily life around me. It will be some travel photography mixed with street photojournalism with a bit of landscape and scenic thrown in just to keep things interesting. Combining that with the fact that we’re two miles from Disneyland, 25 miles from LA, 10 miles from the beach and maybe 40 miles from the mountains will allow us to experience a good deal during the next year. Most of what I do will be in our neighborhood though.

What this will not be is a lesson in post processing. I will be keeping it simple. For you film shooters I shoot digital like I’m shooting chrome. If it ain’t right in camera it’s garbage. I know what I’m looking for and with the exception of a bit of minor tweaking, cropping or the occasional B&W conversion the images will be pretty much SOOC .jpegs shot in Provia simulation using a Fuji X-E2 and a Fuji X-T1 along with an assortment of Fuji prime lenses and a Rokinon 8mm fisheye thrown in for good measure. All photo editing work will be done on my IPad Mini using the Apple provided photo software only. No PS or other processors.

So there you have it in a nutshell. My first foray into the blogosphere. Let’s see where this little gem goes.