OK. So you’re saying that REST is the way to do CRUD operations using single endpoint?
Igor Data

Hi Igor,

You’re right in that an API is not necessarily a way to interact with a database — however, with many mainstream web applications, you’re going to be dealing with some sort of model structure on the back-end, which corresponds to objects in the database, and with REST routes mapped over those models via resources.

For example, in this tutorial there is a one-to-one relationship between our four endpoints and the four CRUD actions.

In short, though, we seem to be moving into a very detailed discussion about the distinctions between REST and RPC, and their relationship to CRUD actions. This question can be more philosophical than technical, and while it is interesting, I think you’d be better served by focused on learning the basics of REST, why it is widely adopted, and what its advantages and disadvantages are, etc — versus worrying too much about definitions.

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