Excellent article, thanks for sharing. I have ‘borrowed’ a thing or two. A couple questions:
Steve Zyglowicz

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply! I’ll address each of your points in turn:

  1. I dislike the variable/function approach simply because it takes the user out of the ‘flow’ of the code as they scroll to see what would be returned — whereas the IIFE embeds the logic right in the JSX. However, I’ve had several comments about extracting the conditional into a subcomponent, and I think I’m going to update the article to recommend this approach.
  2. We actually don’t use inject at all! We’ve been successful just passing stores down through components as needed. Inject seems great in theory but right now it adds a bit of complexity that we don’t need — might as well stick to explicit data flow.
  3. This has been an ongoing discussion on the team. We’re trending towards using observables everywhere instead of setState for a more uniform approach, but haven’t committed to a full refactor to this effect.
  4. We have several stores and models — we’re trying out an approach you can see catch a glimpse of here. Essentially we use stores to store models and collections of models, which are initialized by id within a single state tree. However, we do allow direct modification of stores within components.

Like you said there’s a lot more to said about MobX + React. My current feeling is that we are not using the library to its full potential, so I don’t feel 100% confident putting out a ‘Best Practices’ article — but would love to share our approach so as to elicit feedback from the community. Would also love to hear more about your approach to MobX and react!

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