If I hadn’t seen, and lived, this hopeless mission of male redemption through apologizing for…
Ron Collins

And the manliness is expressed in gentleness, etiquette, unfailing respect for women, kindness and ease among children, professionalism, ethics, faith, tolerance. The femininity of the women is no weakness but a formidable strength, self-assuredness, assertiveness, self-knowledge, well-deployed personal capacities, respect and high regard for men and our manhood and a wish for no less masculinity from any man.

So well put!! My wife talks about this all the time! She can’t stand modern feminism. She thinks it’s the worst thing to ever happen to women.

If men were truly men and carried themselves how you describe above, you’d have no complaints from anyone. The problem is how many people, both men and women, who have a very twisted idea about how men should act…what a “Real” man is.

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