Hi Scott!
Rebecca Rose Thering

Cool. My wife is from Barbados and this annoys her as well. HOWEVER, any time (and I mean any time) a Barbadian does something of note (academically, athletically, socially — think Rhianna for one) she takes great civic/national pride in that (and she should). I think every nation wants to be the best, and if they’re the best at something it’s natural to toot that horn.

…to your classroom thing. I get what you’re saying at some level, and see the merit of it. However, in any setting I want to know (spoken or not) who the “greatest” (for lack of a better designation) is. I want to know who’s going to slack, who’s going to lead, who’s going to be a good worker-bee…all of that.

I think part of why I’ve got the “antenna's” up on the part I quoted from your original article is that my wife and I are trying to raise our daughters (16,13) as anti-Millennials (or at least the part of that generation we don’t care for, many Millennial aspects are very useful/good/helpful. I will admit Millennials are very, very nice, and Gen-Xers tend to be a little grouchier!).

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