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I’m not the biggest fan of flying…but I know the score going in. And…so do you. Seems like the answer is to drive or take a boat. Oh, what? That’s too slow? You have your answer.

Also, Airlines are business. As long as people are willing to squish themselves into their seats for a few hours to fly HALF THE WAY around the World, and pay for the privilege (and they do by the millions) then this is the system we’ll have.

Take a stand by not flying, or pay for First Class.

And also…something might be wrong with me but I’ve never been less than happy and sometimes very impressed with Airline food. To take a page out of the Louis CK catalog…you’re sitting in a chair…IN THE SKY…and eating a hot meal.

I’ve also found 80–90% (or more) of airline workers to be quite pleasant.

Also…if someone doesn’t fit in the seat allotted then they should have to pay for two because that’s how supply/demand works. They are demanding, from very limited space, two of something I only get one of. In what sense is that fair?