This Guy Studies Man Caves for a Living; Here’s What He’s Learned
C. Brian Smith

Interesting! When my wife and I had our home built (just over 10 years ago, now) the agreement/understanding from the get-go was that the whole house would more or less be under her control (stylistically, functionally) and the garage would be mine. It is, and it’s for most of the things mentioned in the article:

1) Sports-spot — I can watch Football, etc…in peace and without taking the TV from my wife/daughters

2) Heavy Metal! — it’s my Heavy Metal on vinyl place, and it’s where I keep my large cd collection

3) Books! — My library is in the man-cave

4)Tinkering! — Which for me mostly comprises my model railroad hobby. That’s in the man-cave as well.

5) Art! — The things I consider art that aren’t welcome in the home-proper. Star Wars art, Seinfeld art, sports themed art.

6)Weights! — I have powerlifted for years, and now my daughter lifts for Track and my gym has always been part of the man-cave.

We have a couple of sports-themed parties a year, and without fail the party will end up in the garage/man-cave. It just lends itself to that sporty atmosphere.

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