Snapchat for non-profit organizations

Snapchat is emerging as one of the most exciting marketing channels for non-profit organizations. As the third largest social media platform (after Facebook and Twitter) and boasting 100 million daily active users, it has become the “hot” social media network, and one that non-profit organizations should not ignore. The storytelling nature of Snapchat is obvious, and lets you deliver content instantly to your Snapchat followers. The platform lends itself to the raw, powerful and touching nature of non-profits.

Snapchat marketing and resources

With resources and budgets always tight at non-profit organizations, content marketing on Snapchat is one of the least financially straining social media channels you can use. Content can be delivered on the go wherever you are, and helps to give your audience an inside look at the day-to-day of your organization. Most importantly, the opportunity to see firsthand and in realtime the impact you are making.

Rule #1 — be authentic.
Rule #2 — be consistent.

Snapchat is an interesting channel in that there is no way for your audience to “find” you; search doesn’t exist. It creates a different challenge for marketers, the need to promote this channel exclusively through other channels. The result, however, is a more organic and engaged audience.

Non-profit Snapchat example

World Wildlife Fund on Snapchat

The example above is from the Snapchat story of the World Wildlife Fund. These two frames of the story show a few key points:

  • Shows how influential and inspiring WWF is to younger generations
  • Creates a personal feel that’s raw and unedited
  • Includes the instantly recognizable WWF brand in a native setting that’s not overly aggressive
  • Tells a story of excitement around the WWF brand
  • Creates a powerful and concise message about saving the Arctic
  • Features a member of the WWF team that is authentic and unedited

Another great example was the Danish branch of the WWF’s #LastSelfie campaign. Powerful stuff.

Geofilters are your friend

Have an event coming up? Want attendees to feel very connected? Geofilters are the answer. Geofilters are a graphical overlay that users can swipe to — the geofilter is seamlessly placed right over the content that user is creating. What’s more, if you have a limited geography to cover and time it will be live, it is very cost efficient. The Pidalia crew just did one for an event we sponsored, and the total cost was $21 (you read that right).

What’s next — fundraising

Snapchat has a great feature, Snapcash. Your followers can send money quickly through a linked debit card. All transactions are processed securely by Square, so you know it’s safe.

Introducing Snapcash!

I fear non-profits turning everything into an ask. However, if done right, within the content of a campaign, the ability to capture quick micro-donations exists for non-profits.

Be a first mover

Final thought, do it. You’ll create a competitive advantage for your organization. This platform is still in growth stage, albeit it quick growth, in terms of total users and age range, and as usual, many organizations are adopting a wait-and-see approach. Get there first, create an audience (and a connection), you’ll reap the rewards.

Scott is the Co-Founder of Pidalia, a digital agency in Boston.
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