Strategic Communication: How to Develop Strategic Messaging and Positioning
Myk Pono

The biggest challenge in strategic communications is that the firm’s overall Strategy Sucks: you’re just putting lipstick on a pig.

A sound strategy must be the starting point. The firm must be clear about who they serve and who they ignore, and why they matter in unique and meaningful ways to their Target Customers. And most tech founders/startups just don’t get this.

To paraphrase Drucker: “The goal of Marketing is to create a product that fits the customer so well that it sells itself.” i.e. product-market fit.

The ‘Jobs To Be Done’ concept is a powerful tool to do these critical tasks:

- Choosing the right customers to serve, and avoiding the wrong competitors

- Understanding what your customers are really paying for when they buy/hire a product (in Functional, Emotional, and Social, terms). (“Customers rarely buy what companies think that are selling” — Drucker; “People buy drills, but they’re paying for the holes: — Levitt?)

- Building a Whole Product that addresses these needs in ways that no one else does (i.e. Differentiation)

- Communicating the value of the Product to the Target Customers through pricing, communications, operations, and culture (“Culture eats Strategy”)

If your Strategy Sucks, no amount of vision/positioning/copywriting will overcome it.

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