Salesforce Einstein’s Jim Sinai on Bringing Artificial Intelligence to the Enterprise
Sam DeBrule

There was disappointing lack of details about the actual benefits to the Customer/User. The conversation was about the underlying technology (AI!), not measurable improvements for the Customer.

What Impact will Einstein have on the day-to-day practice of Enterprise Sales, and how will this be measured by the organization? More time for sales calls? Better conversion rates? [ Perhaps you could pursue this in future interviews? ]

At this point you’d expect Salesforce to have loads of data and success stories? Hmm.

FOUNDERS: Instead of talking about your tech, focus on the actual improvements to the Customer’s jobs to be done.

“Because these writers don’t understand how their products solve customer problems, they cover by explaining how the product works and pepper this blather with industry jargon”

- David Meerman Scott, The New Rules of Marketing & PR