1. Aspiration/Charles Schwab

Free International ATM Withdrawals

Aspiration is a relatively recent online-only bank that offers a host of cool features and an easy sign-up process. For expats, however, there’s one big reason to get an Aspiration account: free ATM withdrawals worldwide.

The other big advantage of Aspiration is the high-interest rate on its Save account and the ease of transfer between Spend and Save accounts.

If you’re like me, you don’t like leaving money in a low- or no-interest checking account unless you’re about to spend it.

With a pair of Aspiration checking and savings accounts, you can keep…

They’re rude.

It’s not that Americans are rude — it’s that Mexicans are so polite Americans seem rude by comparison.

I remember when the shock of it hit me for the first time. I was eating tacos alone in a hole in the wall somewhere. A couple who were eating before me got up to leave. As they were walking out, they looked at me warmly and enthusiastically said “Buen provecho!”. I didn’t know how to respond. Strangers wishing you a good appetite in a restaurant just doesn’t happen that often where I come from. But it happens all the…

I started learning Spanish in college. Growing up in California, you can get a lot of the basics just by osmosis, but I needed the foreign language requirement. In 2015, I moved to Argentina, and I’ve lived in Spanish-speaking countries ever since.

After four years of near-total immersion, my Spanish is pretty good. On the Richter scale of languages — the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages — I’m a solid B2. The CEFR measures language learners on a spectrum from A1 to C2. Absolute beginners are A1. …

Scott Dylan

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