Why Take a Leap and Change Your Career?

This is a question that I have asked myself a few times now. The thought of failing at the new job or stumbling on the new path before me. This has been an ongoing, underlining theme of my life over the past twelve years. Going from retail to serving tables at restaurants to fixing computers and servers for a car company t0 doing tech support over the phone to managing large teams and employees traveling and speaking with company leaders, I have once more taken to changing my career and reinventing myself. Each of these changes presented me with challenges and obstacles to overcome and every time I have had to ask myself, “What the hell are you thinking?!” and once again I am finding myself in this situation.
In order to answer that question I have had to reach deep within and push myself to limits farther believing the last time I pushed them as far as they could go. So far each time I have proven that they can be pushed farther still. The fear of the unknown was something that did used to cause me pause the first few time. I remember going from retail to working in a restaurant and thinking, “How am I going to remember someone’s order or all of the food items let alone all of the ingredients in them?” Turns out, you can. Going from serving to building PCs and Servers was a little more of a stretch since the computer will not talk to you, but instead you have to identify things that may be causing the computer to “not behave”. Once again I found myself changing concerning my fears and mastering my new path, but fate decided to change things once again for me, phone tech support. 
This time I decided to embrace the fear and I made a plan. One evening my girlfriend, now wife, and I went for a walk in our neighborhood. I told that I was setting a goal for myself to be a manager at the call center I was starting the job by the next year. Eight months later I was a manager over 2 departments and 6 employees. I took challenges willingly after that which allowed me to grow the department further to 3 departments and 35 employees. This didn’t go unrecognized, on of my previous manager called me up and offered my a job in a different state. Now this caused me to pause. Why? One piece of information I left out was I was born and raised in South Florida and never left. Once again my wife and I went walking and it was decided that we were going to take the leap once again. At the new job I once again built up the department, traveling to China to launch new OEMs and visiting different states to launch center, busy is only the surface, because we also decided to have two kids this time. Once again I am finding myself changing my career, but this time it is for what I want to do and not what fate has put in front of me.
Data Science, this is a new hurdle that I am eager to get in front of. What makes it more exciting is it vastly undefined and still being reinvented. Perfect for someone that has built a life of reinventing themselves. I am looking forward to this new challenge. So far with every challenge I have overcome, growth, income, and other benefits have come with overcoming. Now I almost hunger for the unknown. The unknown is exciting, new, and different. Since my wife and I are foodies so the statement below speaks volumes to me. T0 sum it up, it pays to take like by the horns and take the risks and chances, mind they are not blatantly dangerous.

Our minds are like our stomachs; they are whetted by the change of their food, and variety supplies both with fresh appetites.
Marcus Fabius Quintilian (35–90) Roman orator
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