“We Can See Your Briefs”

This story will be about a response to a documentary entitled, “Briefly.”

It was a documentary about creative briefs. Creative briefs are documents or letters that designers and the creative team receive before starting the project from the clients to help better plan out what they are looking for and are used to help set limitations on the scope of the creativity. It is also used for the creative team themselves to help them stay focused and on the right train of thought throughout the entire project so they don’t get lost from the client’s desired result.

In this documentary, six designers shared their experience with creative briefs and the importance or possible lack of importance that these briefs can have to a project. They talked about their direct experience with creative briefs and how when they were assigned a project to apply their creativity to if the creative brief helped at all.

Overall, their focus was that if the brief is too big, then it is too restrictive and little can be done to achieve the full creative potential needed to have a good design. Since the brief is constantly being changed, it only makes sense that it should be short and simple to begin with. The brief is used to keep the team inspired and set on a goal and if it is not a simple focus, then that inspiration could be lost and they are just designing to design.

An article (found here) suggest what the documentary really goes into. It mentions that it’s not entirely about briefs and that it has important information for clients to learn through their words and experiences.

I would say this is the end but just like a creative brief this topic could change.

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